By the Sea


When it rains (on the high seas), it pours (on the high seas). Everybody’s got their summer sailors on. Ondine has dragged Lysander off to the sea side for his health. Miss Ardelphia is helping, of course.
The scenery is not google-sourced, I might add! An actual shot I took of the Brighton Pier last summer. (kisses to Alex–we miss you!) Please ignore the fall garden in the rest of ’em. Masking is laborious, and I’m not frugal enough to refrain from showing all 2837434 pictures of my pretties. Including Butter, of course, who was cavorting in the background throughout.


3 thoughts on “By the Sea”

  1. So beautiful! This is my favourite photoshoot of yours, now. It makes me wish I could be out by the sea with them, as I could use a nice dose of fresh sea air right about now, too!
    Did you make the outfits yourself? They are so cute and fitting! I love Ondine’s hat! And Miss Ardelphia in the life perserver is beyond cuteness!
    May I ask what type of eyes and color name that Lysander & Ondine are wearing? And do you know of any other brands of flat-backs that are like Zouks? The Zouks I have seem to be the easiest for me to put in my dolls heads. I have a very hard time putting in round eyes with my shakey hands, the dolls end up being cross-eyed!

  2. Actually, I didn’t make any of these out fits, eep! Lazy me!
    Lysander’s is Volks from earlier this summer, the Yo sized outfit is for tonner’s 12″ Alice doll, and Ondine is wearing American Girl edwardian swimming costume! The skirt is pinned tighter in the back 🙂
    Lysander is wearing a very rare pair of Volks HG eyes that came in Isao I think? They were called thin pink and are a very light beigey pink 18mm. Ondine is wearing Magical Michael’s blue eyes, which I think are the regular lt. blue HG eyes. They are all the round blown glass types.
    Enchanted Doll Eyes are gorgeous flat backed urethane. Aimee is running a preorder right now!
    A bit on the pricey side, but not compaired to Zoukies. I buy a pair here and a pair there. They really add up ^_^

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