Buggy Baby

Fab find of the day… a vintage wicker baby buggy with collapsible canvas top. In perfect working order! Perfect size for St. Trinian or, dare I say, a mini super dollfie! *wink* Also got two gorgeous miniature framed pieces of needlework. You can see one or two in the background of these photos. They are tiny cross stitch silhouettes of 18th century style couple at their writing desks writing. We didn’t have a lot of money, and she wanted $50 for the pair. I offered $35, as it was all I had left and told her I knew it wasn’t enough. She was very sweet but declined. I got a few stalls down and she came after me and said she could tell I really loved them, if I wanted them at $35 they were mine. I was so shocked, what a gorgeous woman! So sweet. They remind me so much of my grandmother and her things, and her needlework. I will get a better picture of them later.

Other new stuff. Bargain of the week. Got a crate of goods from Audrey’s doll supply. In less than a week! They actually had everything in stock. I bought mostly mohair wigs, but this little acrylic one in sausage curls is quite sweet, though at a 6-7 is a bit big for Trinian. But, ta-dah! The Global “bleuette” outfits fit her! I took a stab at it and ordered a couple. This little brown wool suit is FAB. A bit on the wide side, but fits decently all the same. I’m going back and getting the communion outfit.
Trinian is also trying out her new masterpiece eyes. They are a little “bright” for me. I was hoping for something pale, but not so shiney? Dunno. I got the antique pink as well, and those are definately too shiney. Merp.
Ondine Alice loves pushing St. Trinian around. But she had a little accident with the buggy and got a smudge on her cheek. Trying to clean it off rubbed some of her blushing. Sigh… will need to redo her at some point now. If I could just save those eyebrows!

4 thoughts on “Buggy Baby”

  1. You have such great props and great ideas – I love the photos. Ondine Alice and St. Trinian are so beautifully mischievous together. Hope you can save the eyebrows!

  2. Wah so so so cute and creepy! Great pics as usual!!
    Thanks the tips on the Bluette outfits – I want to take more pics of Lucy B. SO bad but holy crap I am barely able to write >__<
    I just got a wig from Uma (on the M2Kdolls site where Mio sells) and it’s so adorable.

  3. The Global Dolls outfit is sooo adorable. ^^ Which size is it? I can never tell which sizes to get, since their photos show the cubby little babies.
    I just won a SDC Kurenai from Volks Dolpa After-Party – so excited! So I’m trying to find some affordable clothes, wigs, etc for her.

  4. It is the “bleuette” size which is for 11 3/8″ dolls with slightly chubby figure. So they run a bit short on 16″ girls and a little wide. But not so much that I had to do any pinning!
    Congrats on the Kurenai, she is GORGEOUS!
    On audreys dolls, I tend to go for the mohair wigs, they just look like better quality, but some of the acrylic ones are cute! Like the sausage curl one Trinian is wearing. I would look for 5-6 wigs.

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