bonnets and me

Need bonnet patterns. I can adapt the pattern that I already have, but it was a little funky, so I thought I’d put a call out for bonnet patterns, scans and book titles welcome. Must be in in this vein:

(pulled from YJapan auction, may god forgive me)

I have a hard drive full of silly pictures of myself. And since I’m a leo I don’t have much problem sharing them from time to time. Woo.


I hereby swear that I will keep my dolly porn pix behind lj cuts and mt-extended entries. I do not want anyone to get fired from their job for becoming publicly aroused by my dollies.

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  1. I’m about to make an order from HLJ, I’m curious, is there anything super dollfie or AZONE I should think about getting there before I order? 🙂 they finally have that cute chinese dress back in stock so I might order that for Madoka thanks to your review…!

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