Did I tell you? Liz has shipped? I can still hardly believe it. She’s left Florida. She’s on her way. OMG.
Still don’t have tales or photos of the weekend sorted out. Too tired and lazy. Drove 238473487 miles in three days, all over Oregon. To buy bacon.
We bought $70 worth of bacon and sausage o_0 My vegetarian friends can be horrified now. But DANG, this sheet is GOOD.
My li’l beetle was a trooper! Boy does she dig those windy Cascades.
But our favorite of the trip was a leetle town called Oakland, Oregon. There are about seven buildings downtown, all built about 1890, and all of them antique shops. Got some cheap loot, yo. Suzy Homemaker oven that lights up and bakes cakes, woot!
Also, I’ve been to the Pacific Northwest twice. Both times it was 95 degrees +. All that rain and fog they’re always talkin’ about? They’re lying.
Weetzie girl posted about dolly salon, you can see some hot blastmilk action here (nice cleavage shot, woo! Erin, I’m stealing this peekture, mwah!)

Oh, ah! And I have a corset pattern/article in the October issue of Haute Doll. Should be here sooooooon, I hope. Haven’t seen it yet though. Eeep! You can subscribe or pick up a copy at Barnes & Noble when it hits shelves, which should be… some time. Thank you to my friends for love and suggestions and proof reading. Kisses!!! Will post more when I’ve seen the derned thing.
Um, also… Re: Six Feet Under. Spoilers…

Boy am I glad Nate is dead. What a prick.

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  1. wow i am happy for you to get liz i want one badly but missed out, all over oregon wow i live in oregon and yeah its been hooot! ick but yeah we do get rain although not like we use too i think its somehting to do with that global warming thing bah

  2. You were able to get a Liz after all?! OMG that’s awesome! I can’t wait to see pics!
    Looks like Fifi has a new distant sister! You did a fabulous job on her, I really love how you did her eyes! I got my copy of the new HD mag in the mail yesterday & read it while I was waiting in the Neuro’s office today. I’m still wondering if the RuPaul doll has a winkie or not? And why did it take them so long to come out with a RuPaul doll in the first place? I had to explain the final dream sequence in 6 Feet Under to my mother last night. Even though she and I both have precognitive dreams (runs in the women of the family), she still had a hard time comprehending it.

  3. Congrats!! Miette will have her big Sis after all!! Cute cherry top/dress(?)in the “cleavage peekture” btw.

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