Blastmilk, ahoy!

It seems quiet here, don’t it. Well looks can be deceiving! All the action is IRL and I can barely keep up.
I lost the Volks lottery for the BtSSB Alice & The Pirates outfit, so if there is anyone out there who wants to let a hapless girl takeover their lottery or what have you, pleeeease let me know!
I just paid for my tickets to Europe in June! OMG. First time going, I’m completely freaked (hate flying) and ecstatic (dream come true) at the same time. Mostly I’ll be on tour to the Kallisti-Fest in Boveresse for the Absinthe Festival… but the Mr. and I will be in London for five days on our own.
I need suggestions for the absolutely coolest things to do for a art-history-lit geek like me! Tower of London, Madame Tussaud’s & the V&A are a given. What else?
And maybe spend two of those nights in another town? But where?
In any case, there will be more coming from me soon. No worries. This is a big, busy year!

7 thoughts on “Blastmilk, ahoy!”

  1. go to bath, for the costume museum! it’s an easy day trip from london. also has roman baths and some pretty georgian architecture.

  2. i agree, bath is quite lovely. also has the jane austen museum, which is quite twee.
    i also love the london dungeon, which is a total tourist trap/ theme park of torture, but tons of fun. the london eye, the british museum, the national gallery and the national portrait gallery if you like history stuff.
    and harrods, of course! 😉

  3. I suggest these two:
    Coffee, Cake & Kink (website NSFW) – This place is neat. Aside from being a comfortable environment to look at artful photographs of boners, they do make some great coffee and cake!
    B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful – Offshoot of the Lush store that is a bit more glam. Really lovely cosmetics and the most beautiful antique perfume bottles you’ll ever see. Go here with a money sack.
    I’d embed URLS but it would seem that I cannot. Google will set you straight.

  4. There’s a cute little mall-type place close to Queensway Station, and a New Rock Boots & Shoes right up the street from there! Also try to find this little hole in the wall Greek place called Aphrodite Taverna. It was about two blocks away from the Grand Palace Hotel. They have the most AWESOME homemade hummus, pitas, and Greek salads EVER.

  5. London things to do–
    Take in a session at the Old Bailey and think of Rumpole. Sit in on a session at the House of Commons–can be high comedy. Go to a RSC production either in London or Stratford. Watch along the Thames at sunset. High tea somewhere–L’orangerie in South Kensington? Kind of pricey but great clotted cream. Royal Portrait gallery a must.
    Day Trips? Oxford for sure. See Queen Mary’s dollhouse.
    Have fun

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