So. I just got my new Volks catalog today (thanks to the slow boat from Japan).
I’m flipping, flipping, flipping. So cool. I love the section with all the new FCS heads. I get to the very end of the SD girls and I’m struck silly. It is Fifi’s sister! For real.
It looks like Fifi, except with nostrils and larger lips. Mr. Kallisti says “Buy Fifi a new head. Um, she’s going to kill me in the middle of the night, isn’t she.”
It’s the new FCS 14 head. I hadn’t seen any pictures of it. On the FCS FAQ Aimee has a note that says “some say it looks like SD Aya” but no picture. She looks like what the SD13 Mimi should have looked like.
I never, EVER thought I would consider trading up on Fifi, I love her old skin bw body, the old sd13 poses so well.
But it is her. I can totally see her as an F14. Mmmm. Pure skin snow.
Am I crazy? Does that freak you all out? It is freaking me a bit. Partly the idea of someone else owning my Fifi! Tell me what you think. And for sure, if anyone has pictures of the new F14, do share!

k, it doesn’t help that she is wearing a polky dot dress that is vaguely reminiscent of the first dress I made for Fifi. Even though she hated it.

5 thoughts on “Blasphemer.”

  1. OMG – don’t say such things! Fifi will hear you.
    I have never posted to you before but I felt now was the time – you introduced me to BJDs and I wanted to thank you 🙂 I have no clue how I found your place here, but I did in December. Totally by chance. And since then Fifi has haunted my head. I’m just making my order for my first girl and am already looking for a second. So I just wanted to say thanks! To both you and Fifi 🙂
    Take care

  2. heloooo, Fifi is so great, you and her have a special bond and if i was you i would’nt sell her, just save up and get a f-14, you had never seen pics of that head before? I have only seen a small few, has like 2 pics of the head but they are dark and hard to make out, I remeber seeing sumone who was really interested in this head make a request thread on it in DOA but no one could really find good piccies of it, you should post those piccies you scanned, it would probley help alot of people, those are the best piccies i’ve seen of that head, shes soooo cute! baah I must have that catologe, wheres the cheapest place to get it? thankssss, <3

  3. I dunno about trading up but saving up…that girl is gorgeous! She is a perfect corss of F13 and Mimi13 – I def agree with you that this is how Mimi13 *should* look, but I’m sworn to no more dolls!!!
    For now…or rather, no more *full* dolls, heads on the other hand…

  4. it’s scary how similar the polka dot dress is. i really like the new f-14. id love to get it, but im so broke 🙁

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