Bizzy, bizzy…

Now that I’m feeling better, we’ve had a whirlwind weekend. Started Friday evening with a trip to El Cerrito’s little Japantown at the Jay Vee strip mall. Katana-ya is the most awesome ramen/sushi place in the area. If you go too late on ANY night it is packed beyond belief. We ordered Snow Crab Shabu Shabu to split and a mess o’ sushi. We brought the camera in but realized halfway through the meal that we’d forgotten to snap. Oh well, so you get the mess we made. It was, to say the least, amazing. I love food you have to crack and pull apart and pick at to eat. So fun! I call it little Japantown because in the same wee strip mall (that has been here since I was a baby) there is a Japanese food market, where we got cleaning sponges like Volks sells, and Re-ment, and little chocolate burger crackers. And there is also a Japanese dollar store next door where we bought more crap. El Cerrito rocks.
Went to the farmer’s market with my brother early Saturday, got lots of fancy meats and veggies and ate like true aging hippies last night with our dandelion greens and crepinettes. Mew!

The weather has been GORGEOUS so we headed out for Martinez since we had some pennies burning holes in our pockets. Mr. Kallisti picked up a beauty. A circa 1940’s Diana-F plastic camera bought for a mere pittance. Very cool, mang.
I found a boudoir doll (1920’s) that I am thinking on. GORGEOUS as well. Had to research before I dropped the dosh. I can’t find anything like her online or in my books. She is smaller, probably under 20″? German made with very petite composition features, hands and legs all in peach silk that looks original. And mohair marcelle waves. I um, have to have her. So I will be emptying my coin jars and maybe selling some other stuff to assuage the guilt. She’s not that expensive, honest… but I am spoiled and need to justify my purchases to myself.
On the way back to the car we stopped into a shop we’d been in last winter where we had coveted a petite uranium glass apothecary jar. The woman had just got it in but hadn’t priced it yet. It had a chip in the lip so she knew it would be under value but even the ballpark was more than our comfort zone. Well. It was still there! The lady wasn’t there, but the owner was. And the price was a under what her previous estimate had been and he knocked off an additional 10%. Pristine, this jar is worth a lot of money. I don’t spend that kind of money on collectibles usually, so a lot of the stuff I have has tiny flaws. Which is fine by me. I love the loot for itself not its value really. And this piece is gorgeous.

Mid to late 19th century, hand painted label uranium glass Valerian apothecary jar. It of course glows under black light.

And last but not least, I got Aimee’s outfit by Imai. I am so happy to own this! I love the outrageous take on traditional Japanese couture. I’ll do a better photo shoot with all the girls in Japanese garb, but Demelza looked so fab, and she was already wearing the neosium zouk eyes too.


Sorry for the wrinkly backdrop. I’m lazy and I suck. And I’m late to go spend the rest of my glorious weekend moving my mother into a new apartment. Eeep!

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  1. WOW the boudoir dolls are fantastic – thanks for posting the link! I adore Fadette.
    Demelza looks really different in this outfit, it’s really beautiful – I like the length of it very much.
    The apothecary jar caught my eyes as soon as the page loaded – lovely shades of shiny glassy green!

  2. ok my last comment was dumb so i’ll say a different one i want to know were u find the bodys for the sd dolls im so clueless ^_^

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