Big kitty

We weighed Pekoe yesterday. TWENTY-TWO POUNDS OF KITTY. He is one big cat. So fluffy though.
I wanted to finish the peekture projekt this weekend, but had the pms weekend of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. I couldn’t get anything done. However, I did have a few left over that I hadn’t posted from last weekend.
Babyjane had requested a close-up of my face-up supplies, and someone else of my work area. Lucky them it was all out as I was redoing Ondine all week.

So. A close-up of the work area mid-face-up. The only thing missing is the piece of paper I scribble chalks on to dab my brushes in for blushing. Here’s what it looks like tidy. And then just for kicks a close-up of Oriettacat’s Bad Fairy doll in her fairy cage. And a little miracle. My uncle got all excited recently when he was rummaging around in one of his kitchen drawer. He has my grandmother’s house, and traditionally the bottom drawer closest to the floor was my toy drawer. Well, he found that little dirty 2″ doll way in the back. Still in one of the earliest examples of Kallisti Kouture. Ah, treasures.
And Lyssa wanted to see my ginormous dvd collection. Here’s the large chunk of it that is not in storage:

And, as always, there were a few requests of Biscuit. Just to put it in perspective, Biscuit (who is one year old now!) is about 7.5lbs. Pekoe is 22lbs. And Biscuit kicks his ass!

That last one with my favoritest thing in the planet, Mr. Kallisti in a rare appearance. Biscuit is quite the Papa’s boy, they love eachother.
So. I’m probably down to dolly pix. A couple people asked for bedtime pix and the girls don’t have a bed, and don’t really have proper nighties. But I’ll come up with something!

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  1. Awwwwwww! Aren’t boy kittys the BEST?! Pekoe is whole lot of cat…he’s gorgeous, Biscuit too! Thank you, Madame, for the pics…..just got my 1st MSD Saturday……she’s still in pieces O_o , waiting for a can of MSC to arrive.

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