Been dolly bizzy!

Having a great weekend. Crafts and dollies and Doctor Who and more crafts and dollies… with tacos and snacks all the live long day.
So busy most of the time just don’t have enough time to give to picture taking, what with the short days and all.
But I spent yesterday doing a commission and making a dolly top hat! Thanks to teacher Judy who gave me a pattern to work with… I wanted a mad hatter style exaggerated tophat and it came out great, kinda. The form came out great, but I played hookie on the part of class where she would have showed us how to actually COVER the fantastic buckram hat form. D’oh! So I winged it and you can sorta tell. But I dunna care, I love it so much! And fun to do in front of telly watching Doctor Who. Mew, mew.
Also, the weekend we went over to AJ’s & Judy’s for dolly bonnet and hat making class I made this outfit for Hermione. I’ve been dreaming about it since I placed the fcs order. Since I didn’t want to attempt a sasha clone I thought it would be amusing, and quite fetching, to make her the Anti-Sasha. So I got her the same wig in dark brown and made one of the Little Princess outfits in black batiste from the Volks Pattern books with some mods, and added a little cap. Pintucks, omg! It is fun.
I’ll shut up now, I’m just a bit giddy with happiness. Hermione & Ondine are losing their patience with me.

A loverly piece of late Georgian mourning jewelry ^_^

Tiny spooky nun.

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  1. O… all your girls are divine, but these two are my absolute favourites. Especially Ondine. I just love her sullen stare and the her prim little pout. swoon. Just cannot get enough of them!!!

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