Barbie Bazaar II, or Volks loves us after all

Yes, that is a full two page spread in Barbie Bazaar, my friends. Volks has done the unthinkable and is flirting outrageously with the western market. Exciting times! There was also a huge spread on “Runway to the Orient” with all their asian inspired Barbies etc. Lovely stuff.
This was a cute li’l item tacked onto the end of the upcoming column, The Winx Club. Cute, cute!

And don’t get me wrong (re: my previous post), I love my Miette. She’s the coolest thing since Mac met Cheese. I just wasn’t expecting the girls to be so demanding. Do other people go out and buy/make whole new wardrobes for specific dolls? Do your girls share wigs and pantaloons politely or do they fight over stuff?

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  1. I found your page from Denofangels. I just had a couple questions if you don’t mind 🙂 I was wondering where you got the purple sofa I see in your gallery? And I was wondering if you ever take commissions for SD clothes or Esthetics? I’m also located in the Bay Area. I’m eagerly awaiting my first BJD a CP Lishe. Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Melissa!
    The purple couch is a doggy couch, believe it or not, for a *very* small dog. I got it at some pet store in Berkeley, Lucky Dog or something…
    I have only done my own doll as far as esthetics go, but I’d be willing to do a faceup for a modest fee :), I’m not a pro though, so ya know! my husband *might* do the sanding, but it is a lot of work! So I’d have to ask.
    The sewing… I’m really slow and really bad. It is a struggle heh, so I won’t be taking commissions on sewing anytime soon.
    you can email me at b.head (at) sepulchritude (dot) com

  3. BECKY! You might be slow but you are in NO WAY NO HOW bad at sewing. *zips your mouth on that part!*
    Your stuff is AMAZING, I was seriously bowled over when I saw it in person.
    (but yeah don’t take commissions if you’re slow, it’s hell I tell ya! ;D)

  4. aw shucks, girl!
    ok, I’m *really* bad at drafting patterns. which is a science unto itself that I never learned anyhow.
    I can’t wait for the new SD pattern book, oh BOY! patterns!

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