8 thoughts on “Back to Wonderland”

  1. squueeee they all look so good ^-^
    **looks around the edges for a fifi peeking in .. T-T no luck
    you haven’t sold her, have you kallisti?

  2. That’s not Aurelie there in the center, is it? I don’t think so, but I do sometimes get lost in the lovelies.

  3. Linny: Oh, heavens no! I haven’t been happy w/ her recent face-up, that is why you haven’t seen her :p But she’s looking really cute and I’ll prolly be taking pictures of her this weekend!
    Alexis: Aurelie isn’t in this one, the girl in dark in the middle is Leopoldina!

  4. Wow! I love how the colors of all your dolls and their clothes just give color and glow to your pictures. I love all the Alices!

  5. kallisti- phew!! you had me a little worried for a moment ^-^ i cant wait to see her back in action LOL 😛

  6. ohhhh that last picture is so sweet, i am dying!! that mussed up wig is just too much. i love.

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