Back to School

Heading to the dolly meet on the Berkeley campus. I couldn’t decide whom to bring so it is just going to be Lulu & Miette. I was in one of those moods that if I couldn’t bring them all I was going to give up going altogether. Crazy lady, me. So I got a grip and am going to make it easier on myself and bring what I can carry. Mr. Kallisti can get the picnic basket. The theme is “back to school,” what with the time of year and location and all… but I don’t really have that theme down. So we’re going somewhat Fragonard today… teehee!
In the mean time, I leave you with the Badly-Photographed-Kitten-O’-the-Week™ picture!

“I hate it when people shoot me from this angle, it makes me look fat. I’m not fat!” says Biscuit.

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