Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

I finally caved and bought my favorite two BTSSB outfits for Super Dollfie. I waited and kept bidding until I got the bargain I wanted. I can’t tell you how beautifully produced these outfits are, they are truly stunning. Mew, mew, mew! Fifi is of course wearing the Dollheart London outfit. All the girls have had it on, it refuses to go back on the shelf. I don’t have to tell you how much I really love it…
Click below for tons more pix. Oh, my girls, my girls…

Ondine is also wearing the new Zoukie Sax blue eyes. They really are lovely.

And this is what has the girls in such a tizzy.

She was a christmas present from Mr. Kallisti and he’s just finished the modifications. I’m so excited… but the uber excitement of the car plus life drama has kept me from painting her all week. Squeak!

7 thoughts on “Baby, The Stars Shine Bright”

  1. I love the red outit, were you bidding on yahoo japan for it?? Who made the outfits. Can you please send me the link, thanks so much.
    Keep up the good work for the site.
    I think I finally found someone who is obssesed wiith dolls the way I am. Can you please tell me were can I get a pair of pink 20mm eyes, I keep looking and nothing.

  2. They are perfect as always. I always find that frills and lace work better in groups.
    And you devlish little thing with your open eye F05!!
    I swear you’re tapping my brain or I’m tapping yours – my next conquest is a heavy lidded F05 – or, and this is just wishful thinking, but have you noticed that lidded Kun on YJA?? She makes me weep – her sister is a half lidded F05 coincidentally…

  3. F05, yum! She came up on ebay from Yume around christmas. It was a beauty white old skin so we had to pounce. Rawr.
    Still dying to paint her. Life keeps interfering. Bleh!
    And no… will go looking for Kun!

  4. The Kun is strictly a model, she may not be pimping anything right now, but I have the owner’s site bookmarked, I linky it soon as I find it, she’s gawgeous!

  5. Aww, I absolutely love Fifi! She is soo gorgeous! She has to be the most stunning Dollfie I have ever seen! Send her my love 🙂 <3
    Also which doll did you use for her (head) and/or would you ever wanna part with her (don’t blame you if you wouldnt coz she’s really so so SO beautiful!!).
    Lots of Luv Mon x x

  6. Congrats on getting the BTSSB outfits! They are beautiful. I am trying the find that elusive black and white for my girls, but without much luck. I hope I eventually find one. 🙂

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