Azone revisited

For those that wanted to know if the new Azone chinese dresses (comes in red & white) fit SD13, they do! Like a glove! I was kind of surprised, but it looks gorgeous. Only thing is the slippers do not fit, the sd13 feet are too chubby for them. Oh well.
Also, did a lot more posing w/ Fifi on the new azone 60cm doll acrylic doll stand and I really think it is sturdy. You can see all this and more in these pix:

The DD wig on the other hand is just too tight for classic SD heads. It is threatening to pop off and fly across the room in these pix.

2 thoughts on “Azone revisited”

  1. fifi’s teeth are so cute 😀
    and that outfit looks really cute on her! especially he little hairpins or whatever they are!

  2. Ohhh… Personally I’d have gone for the red one…
    The shoes don’t fit!? How dissapointing! T^T When I saw these dresses on ebay, I thought they were smaller… Barbie sized for the dollfies. Thanks for putting that at ease for me!

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