Aschenputtel Tatter

Her name is Aschenputtel! (cinderella in german ^_^) She IS my dream girl. Apologies for the 238473 pictures, and thank you for indulging me.
I discovered, much to my horror, that Nana’s face wasn’t not sealed w/ Mr. Super Clear. Eeeeeeeeeek! Her blushing is so delicate it totally sent me into a panic. We used Mr. Masking Solution on her lips and shimmery eyeshadow, removed her lashes and sealed her. Whew. I replaced her standard lashes with the new whispy ones, quite an improvement! And painted the inside of her mouth to hilight her wee leetle teeth. She now has light blue eyes as well!
I think these pictures do her makeup much better justice. I am totally stunned by it. Mmmmm!
Must. Learn. Airbrushing. Rawr.

I’m thankful for Aschen Tatter and Volks who brought her to me.
I’m thankful for so many friends who put up with all my silly doll pictures.
I’m thankful for my Uncle who gives me gramma’s ancient child’s chair for one of my dollies.
I’m grateful for my brother who feeds me gravy.
I’m grateful for Mr. Kallisti who feeds me life, love and eternal happiness.
I’m grateful to my nephews who laugh until they pee.
I’m thankful for the British who make such super television programs.
I’m thankful for so much I can barely comprehend it.

7 thoughts on “Aschenputtel Tatter”

  1. I’m such a big fan of your dolls! So pretty! I would love to see Ginevra and Ashenputtle next to eachother, i can already tell they look VERY different but i’d love to see the differences with them next to eachother. Congrads on such a pretty girl! and thanks for posting so many fun stories from the volks opening.

  2. aww she looks SO much cuter with her teeth painted in & those lashes you used. now im seeing why you love her so much! 🙂

  3. She is breathtaking!!!! Your pictures are not silly, I would consider them art. I’m sure everyone that visits here would agree. You breathe life into these little treasures.

  4. eeeeeee shes so gorgous! her name really suits her =D absolutly beauuutiful, so elegant and gracefuuuul *dies*

  5. She’s the most breathtaking doll I’ve ever seen. Absolutely beautiful. You’ve done a great job.

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