Aschenputtel takes the waters at Baden Baden Blastmilk

Asch and Lysander
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She probably had the worst seams I’ve seen! Mr. Kallisti did a superb job as usual, took him two weekends. You can see the difference between the LE beauty white (Asch) and the FCS white (Lysander).
Lysander is actually wearing pants in these pictures :p they’re just knee length. Love this outfit from Luts. I think Ashchenputtel rather fancies Little Lord Foppington… I think she needs a cocktail in her hand here. Poor Lysander, all that girl and he just don’t know what to do with her. I’ll have to get Ondine to explain a few of the facts of life to him, in epistolary form, of course.
“Choose your pleasures for yourself, and do not let them be imposed upon you.”
–Lord Chesterfield to his son (1694 – 1773)
One downside of having oh so many of these dolls, aside from actually needing all those shoes and all those pairs of eyes, is that every month theres work to be done on them. They really are high maintenance toys, if you play with them. I would say that every month there are probably two or more of my dolls that need to be washed, sanded or have a faceup completely redone.
Not for the faint hearted, this hobby!


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  1. Ashchenputtel looks charmingly as ever, but Lord Foppington could at the very least placed a hand upon her dimpled knee… I love his name, I love his back-story.. but the Edwardian nursery look is not enough for him. The boy needs some vigour. He must live up to the name of Menace!

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