and her default outfit by SerapHStigmA.

Making myself take pictures. It is hard. But I know I will be stabbing myself for wasting light during the work week so must get my picture time in now and wanted to take pictures of the one-off Nana before I put her dress away. I really love her default outfit, the crinoline stands on its own! She has cute little ballet style brown slippers too. and panties… unlike the poor LA LE’s. Her wig brushes the floor, it is really lovely.
Miette’s panties are grubby. Teehee. They’re her original Lilith panties and she’s been wearing them since I got her. And they’re grubby. She needs a bath.
I miss my kitty so much I’ll surely perish. Gah! The littlest things are hard.

3 thoughts on “Aschenputtel”

  1. First, I’m so so sorry about Zman. I can’t imagine how difficult it was to let her go, but I’m certain she had a wonderful, full life with you and will stay curled around your heart forever.
    Secondly, this is driving me crazy. Yesterday I went to see the new Harry Potter movie and there’s one scen where they’re on the Hogwarts Express and a lady goes by with a trolley of treats (and Harry makes lovey eyes at Cho) and I noticed familiar looking character… the little bee lady up in your masthead. Who is she? I just have to know now! Is there a line of sweets with her image on it? I’ve always adored her expression, the way she’s rendered.
    And finally, I am an infrequent commenter, but a constant lurker and your dollies have inspired many a doodle in my sketchbook. Your work is astounding and your photographs are always so incredible!

  2. Thank you for you kind words!!!
    We saw the candy cart too! The crazy bee lady is just a bit of victorian clipart, they probably got it from the same source that I did.
    I’m also reading “half-blood prince” and noticed there’s a new character called “Demelza” which actually isn’t a traditional given name until quite recently. it was made popular by the Poldark books and HE got it from a place name in Cornwall.
    So there ya are!

  3. Your pics are great! as usual… I just so love the wallpaper of your room, and Miette is the cutest!
    Your gorgeous new nana is so awesome, she fits you quite well.
    Sorry and kisses for z-man…

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