2 thoughts on “As the news spreads around the net…”

  1. cyndy looks excatly the same as the old one, you’d think they’d change her faceup blah, I like the new SDC though, much cuter that kaede, ohhh and the new DD head is actally cute! <3 thanks for posting this ^^

  2. I agree with the person above about her face-up, though I’m sure you’d probably re-do it to look much better 😀
    I’m dying over her dress, though. I love the length and all of the luscious lace! *drools* It’s like a black Mrs. Haversham dress … all flowy and Victorian looking …
    I’ve fallen for the new SDC. I’m trying not to fawn over her so much, but she’s calling to me. I’m in love with dolls that have uber posability.

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