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Got back late Monday night! So I’m late with the pictures… I was lame anyway. I always mean to take more, and to take more of the people and not just the dolls. But I’m such a flibberty-gibbet at these things. It is all I can do to go get another glass of wine!
So here’s another round of one-offs (that you’ve seen 238473 times by now) and the dolls at our table. This is my first Flickr gallery! Check it.
Other people’s pix I like: Liz, Melissa, Nadja!
I brought: Hermione, Miette, Aphra, Lord Foppington, Leopoldina and Aschenputtel! People laughed at me… I also had a couple people tell me that Hermione had changed their minds about F16 being a girl. Now that I have a Chris, even the new one, his features are much sharper, more pronounced, and the head is bigger. They make lovely twins ^_^
Speaking of The Mold™… I finally turned in my Sasha Petition, directly to Mr. Shigeta, the president of Volks! I was almost too shy. Mr. Kallisti had to drag me over and his youngest son who was there helping out translated. I had it all attractively printed out, and put in a cute icecream colored folder. Translating the concept of a petition, or vote was difficult, but I think we finally managed it. They were both very lovely, Mr. Shigeta gave me his card, made some notes and took down my name and email address. So. It is done. The rest is in the hands of fate.
I didn’t put in for any of the one-offs this time. Most of the dolls I swooned over were dolls I already had like Liz & Sweet Dream Nana (there were TWO!). The closest I got was Sweet Dream Nono, and had she been white resin I totally would have… her outfit was gorgeous and I loves SD Nono muchly. She was very popular at our table though, but someone else got her, I hope we see pictures! They also had TWO F-28 boys, but they were both sunlight. Again, had he been snow… I was about to order him through Sato FCS when WC Chris was released, so he’s still on my list somewhere down the line! They didn’t use the LE beauty white resin at all this round, it was all the FCS white, except for one sei-tenshi I saw the next day in line… beauty white sei-tenshi! Aieeeeeeeeeee!
We didn’t win anything at bingo either, but some of our friends won the dolls of their dreams! It was super fun, and we got to meet Angie (nofunangie) & Keith (Friends of Todd, or FoT for short) and hang out all weekend. Angie’s old skool F-04 Tallulah is badass, I love her style, and Angie did the most amazing back tattoo on her that no one managed to get a picture of 0_o. Nadja and Will were also down, and we took over a couple awesome restaurants both Saturday & Sunday with dolly people. Wow.
The weather was stunning. Totally San Francisco style summer… breezy and not too hot, even inland! I was all prepared for the blistering LA heat, and I got none.

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