Alice & the Pirates

After having lost the Volks lottery for the A&P outfit last month, I pulled myself up and made the pattern included with Volume 8 of DollyBird for the Alice & the Pirates dress. If I weren’t so overwhelmed this month I’d make all three patterns… but I have stuff to do! Lulu looks fantastic, don’t she? They didn’t include the hat pattern, so I had to figure that one out myself. Oy! I used inkjet decals for dark fabric to get the patterns on the dress. It turned out really well, I think!

I also had the very great fortune to get invited to have dinner with the Isobe’s of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright here in San Francisco a few weeks ago. I’ll make more hay about that at a later date.
I just want to say though, that VIZ Media/VIZ Pictures, the lovely folks who hosted the dinner, will be building and opening the VIZ J-Pop Center in San Francisco’s Japan Town some time in 2008. Including a small theater featuring anime and Japanese live action films. It sounds like it will be all kinds of amazing!

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  1. I love it!! I have the pattern sitting my my sewing machine, waiting patiently. The hat is great. Another fabby dolly couture job. You should quit your job and make dolly clothes ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wait were you the red head at the BtSSB party!?
    I was the purple haired girl in the bustle!
    I love this dress by the way you’re girl looks smashing!

  3. Wowie! I’m so excited! How cool is that? I wish we’d had more time to socialize with everyone, but it was all very whirly-windy.
    I have to say, me and my posse were all very impressed with your gorgeous ensemble! Judy and I have done historic costuming (she still does, the minx!) and we totally geeked out on it. ^_^
    I’m so sad we didn’t get to chitty chat. I go gawk at your gorgeous dolls and clothing. xo!

  4. Ah it was you!!!!! I’m so bummed I didn’t get to talk to you properly now!!!!!!!
    I’ve been telling every one and their dog about your site, especially the doll house project. Such a small world!
    I’d glad you liked my dress! I had to design something a bit different, so I used some old Victorian patterns as blocks to build it from. Not historically accurate, but so much fun to wear!
    Are you going to be at the party in June at all?

  5. Sadly no, it coincides with my trip to Europe!
    But Aimee and I are putting together an article based on the meetup in April for Haute Doll. Woo!
    Yeah, your dress was very cool. I also like to start with historic patterns and take them elsewhere…

  6. I love that black and white dress you made and the decals you printed on there! can you tell me more about that process? do you need special fabric? or a spray for fabric before you put it through the printer? also what quality do the decals need to be and can you just use any image. What program did you print the image from? thanks!! I love your site.

  7. Hi Lorraine!
    I used the avery dark t-shirt transfers (part# 3279):
    You print using a color ink jet printer. I scanned the image in, cleaned it up in photoshop, gave it a black background, and then made a repeat pattern 5 across. And repeated that three times on a page. Then I cut them out, really close to the design (otherwise you can see it on the fabric) and laid them end to end on the skirt fabric before I sewed anything and ironed each of the four strips down one by one, matching the pattern up on the sides. I don’t think they’d survive washing well, and they’re pretty stiff… but great for doll fabric!

  8. So the transfers you buy are clear sheets that have chemicals on them that transfer the designs not the actual cotton fabric. So the cotton fabric can be any fabric?
    Its interesting! thnaks for filling me in ๐Ÿ™‚

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