Ah, the soothing balm of Azone

It is that time again. Azone October collection. Sigh…

Unfortunately, their Halloween outfits always come out IN October, so you’ll be lucky to get them on your dolly for the holiday. But this is a particularly cute witchypoo ensemble for 1/6th, Jenny & Momoko sized! I wish’d they do 60cm Halloween outfits. Meh.
But wait! It doesn’t stop there…
Cutie dolls, Black Rabbit & Festa Cuore (whatever that means):

That also comes in 60cm! Not to mention some cutie patootie ballet & 23cm (blythe & licca sized) outfits!

2 thoughts on “Ah, the soothing balm of Azone”

  1. Wow! They are so cute!! Do you know anything about the one in the tan outfit and the little pigtails sticking out on the top of her head? (last picture) Is she one of those.. is it Tokyo Weather Girls, or something like that? She’s so cute but I can’t find anything about her.. like where to get her!

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