Aaaaaah! My eyes! (and important F911 links)

Ok, I had my first eye exam in five years and I think the first time my eyes have been dilated since I was 5 years old. Um, when I made the appointment they told me I could drive afterwards.
HELLO!?!? I’m blind and cannot see. I cannot see the face of my cellphone and any light brings my eyes tightly shut.
Typing this is hard but I’m doing it anyway.
So yeah, I called work and said “I’m blind!!! I’m sorry…” and will be sitting in a very dark room for the rest of the day.
I SAW PICTURES OF THE INSIDE OF MY EYEBALL. So rad. I asked him if I could have a copy, but no such luck. Also, I have astigmatism now. Weee! Need to wear glasses more consistantly. Poop.
But I also wanted point out a very interesting link that nicely dissects the very popular and near hysterical rantings of Christopher Hitchens that nay sayers have been tossing at yah everytime you care to mention the Farenheight 9/11 had merit. We can always count on for some fair and unbiased opinion.
Also, this: Christopher Hitchens collects check from Microsoft and calls Moore a coward.
And also, if you haven’t seen the film, sit the fuck down. I have seen so many arguments where people are led astray by the likes of Hitchens when it is VERY clear no such thing was said or meant by the film. Whatever your political bias see the film and form your own opinion.

“Michael Moore may be an ass, and impossible to like as a public figure, and a little loose with the facts, and greedy, and a shameless panderer. But he wouldn’t be necessary if even one percent of the rest of us had any balls at all. ” – Matt Taibbi

Michael Moore has his problems, but the majority of the info contained in the film is a matter of public record, it is only his interpretation of a very long string of facts. I do think the film was very tastefully done as well, which goes a long way with me. Very little gratuitous theatrics and carnage… except for driving around the congressional buildings in an icecream truck reading the “Patriot Act” on a loudspeaker. That was hilarious and made me happy.
EDIT: Thanks to my angry friends on Forums for the links. Rock!
Alright, I end this rant with a picture of Demelza with her new eyelashes. I love the drama, but they might be too dramatic for her. So lovely though. MMmmmm.

If the pic is out of focus, I apologize, I can’t tell.

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  1. Yeah, you can’t ask for pictures of your teeth from the dentist either… Can’t you get some sort of lazer eye sergery or something?
    Ohhh. Demelza looks great with her new eyelashes! I think they look perfect for her!
    Oh by the way, I’M GETTING MY OWN SUPER DOLLFIE!!! *dances like a goon* It’s a Nono 13 and she’s on her way! ^^ I’ve named her Pixie (last name pending). check out her website via my name.

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