A Tale of Two Cyndy’s

The BAVSDOC (Bay Area Virgin Super Dollfie Owner’s Cabal) met today in order to welcome home Angrybutter’s new girl Simone (Cyndy). I was surprised when Devon showed up dragging Shirou AND a new Cyndy! Devon is probably now not a SD virgin anymore now that he has Cyndy, but we won’t kick him out of the club yet. Special thanks to Weetzie for being the best Super Dollfie groupie ever!
In any case, we had two Cyndy’s in the house! I was all a-flutter with admiration. Cyndy is the most gorgeous doll ever. And is one of the few default Volks makeup jobs I would probably never touch (probably). Also, someone please sell me her outfit!?!?! MUST. HAVE. Phhhhffffbbt!
I apologize for the pictures. I am terrible at snapshots (shakey) and am still getting used to the new camera. Sorry I didn’t get Simone in the mixed wine wig. She was born for mixed wine! I also made her try on Fifi’s castoffs. Sorry Simone, I know you’re not a froofy girl either. Sigh. All these angry grrrl dolls hate bonnets. Doesn’t Devon’s Cyndy look FAB in the CH ice blue fur wig!?!?!

… and then we snuck out and had the best Thai food on the planet. Sa-wooie 4-EVER!

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Cyndy’s”

  1. No wonder your hand was shaking! Two Cyndy’s and a lot of other lush dollfies in one room?! (swoon!) She would look great a a punky princess XD

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