Volks Super Dollfie Anais
I shall now wax rhapsodic about Anais.
Not sure how much I’ve pined publicly, but I’ve been seriously weeping for Anais for a good long time. And kick myself for not getting Tae at the LA store opening (but Hermione was my priority and I certainly don’t regret that!). Her head is coming home now. I happened to have the dollars to siphon off of my Volks trip. Will make that up somehow. I have her original outfit already!

Oh yes, and So-som is coming home too. Thanks to a kindly benefactor who shall remain nameless, I am the happiest dolly girl alive this week. What with Eun-U and Volks Chris shipping in the next week or two…. dang. When it rains, as they say!
Volks Super Dollfie ChrisRoxy Doll Eun-UVolks Super Dollfie Anais