♥ Dollheart.com


I saw this postcard on their site around winter and have been waiting for it to be released ever since. Absolutely completely SO made for me and my girls. I haven’t bought one of their dresses yet. Gorgeous but never *quite* my thing. These. Meow.
I was going to buy the boy set for some boy I hope I will have someday but they are ALL sold out already (!?!?!?) and I think I got the last girl one. Click the postcard pic above to see the detail shots, they come with their leetle shoes as well. I’m so excited!
If anyone bought the boy outfit and is having second thoughts, LET ME KNOW!


EDIT: They only sold 6 of the boy and 4 of the girl on ebay last night and there is supposed to be an edition of 20 for each. I will calm down now.