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  1. I love her! She is so sweet. You mentioned on the This Is Blythe forum that you had restored another Artmark head by putting her on a volks body. Was it hard to do?

  2. Oh, heck no! Honest, I just pulled her head off, carefully seperated the curls which were glued to her shoulder and popped the head right on the Volks body. Now, I was lucky that the skintone matched the volks beauty white pefectly.
    Here’s the original post w/ more pictures!

  3. Ooo! That makes me super happy. I’ve never seen anything like that up in Canada… I don’t know if we have them, but I may as well scour the flea markets next time I go. One more question… if the doll has a hat on, is it easy to remove, or will it be hopeless? Thanks! 🙂

  4. Sorry I neglected to respond sooner!
    The hat *does* leave a hot glue blob on the head. Not sure how to get it off, I just replace it with another hat. heee.

  5. I have several of these dolls that I have had since I was twelve. We moved recently and I found them in a box and have been scouring to find out info on them. Somehow I came across your sight and saw your Santa Girl. I have one as well. I have a bride and two flower girls as well as 3 Southern Belle’s. Is there a market of buyers for these type of dolls?

  6. I used to have a doll just like that when I was younger. I have been looking for one like that for years. Are you willing to sell her.

  7. I found 2 of thesedolls atathriftstorefor $.25 each. They are ingoodconditionbut a little dirty. Doyouknowhowtoclean them?

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