Alert! Alert!

The Volks English site has been updated with some new stuff available.
You can now order standard Dollfie Dream direct from Volks. I put one in my basket, they’re in stock! 18,900 yen! They also have all the swimsuits and some lingerie, though not the full outfits yet.
And um, I just ordered a buncha New EB D size girls! Go! now! They have normal, tan & white! They also have minis and Goh Guys. But no heads yet. Poo.
Um also, but only on the Japanese section for now, there is Dollfie Dream eye decals. Which is a very friendly idea:
My first order with the Volks site should be arriving today/tomorrow. One super long white DD wig and a couple bodies I got to sell to offset shipping (damn expensive EMS). Also, my DD arrived at work today! Should have pix in the next couple o’ days. Oh boy.