Agnes Dreary

Perfect example of bad marketing ruining a perfectly good product. Makes me totally want to cry.

Agnes Dreary. Despite her total cuteness, and her nifty wardrobe, I was totally thrown once again by the tagline:

Agnes Dreary™: Tonner Doll Company gravely introduces Agnes Dreary™ in all her woeful ineptness

What the hell? I’m I just being too sensitive and emo about this? “Hi, here’s your stupid doll, stupid spooky people.”
Look, I know all the spooky book reading is an affectation (not me though, I really do read books! Wow!) but why romantisize being “inept” or “not the smartest“? Grrr. Just makes me mad. If Barbie can be an archeologist, I think Agnes Dreary™ can certainly manage to tie her shoes. :p

5 thoughts on “Agnes Dreary”

  1. Fashions are fab, but this looks like a totally cobbled-together product. Is she supposed to be Goth Retard Girl? She looks distressed that her bangs are too long, but really, aren’t these just Ellowyne clothes on another doll? Jeez.
    This COULD have been a rockin Wednesday Addams gal, with the right marketing!

  2. The thing of it is that she doesn’t at all look like the description. It’s as if they are trying to be so nonchalantly tongue-in-cheek with their descriptions, but it’s just not working. This doll may be dreary (you decide), but does she look woeful or inept?…besides, since when is being inept a good thing? You can’t be cool if you try too hard.
    I had the same prob w/ Ellowyne Wilde. She has a really bratty, spoiled description yet she has this cute “angelic” look about her that completely belies the made-up description.

  3. I agree.. I really like this doll – and all her outfits. But some smart-arse marketing twit has totally spiked their guns. I mean, imagine if you’d actually worked on designing this doll – you’d be really furious at this sneery write up. Tonner need to sack their advertising people.

  4. Sometimes i think the Tonner company hates goths but knows goths buy dolls, so they’re trying to tap the market for money but want to thumb their noses at it at the same time.
    Oh well. I’ll probably still get an Ellowyne and an Anges. Anges has a really cute face!

  5. See though, if you look closely enough, she’s wearing strappy Mary Janes & I’ll bet her boots zip. (OK, that’s just me being bratty.)
    I think these marketing people spend too much time thinking they are witty, but they’re not. I agree with your anger at the supposed-ineptitude.
    Why not say she’s “gravely solemn” or “woefully unaffected” by today’s frivialities? (I always loved Wednesday Addams.) Or say something more fitting (& a lot more witty) like, “Since birth, she’s always had one foot in the grave.”

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