Oops! All my posting has been over here:

French Revolution Fashion Archives: Check out my slave to SEO section title.
I’m not done, neither! I have a couple more entries to do, mainly portraits and allegorical images. But this has been so fun, and I’ve been working on it since just before Bastille Day (July 14th, duh). Please let me know if you notice bad grammar, typos, and/or historical snafus!
EDIT: Let me know if you noticed the View gallery… links on each post, or do I need to make them more obvious? There’s lotsa pictures! I would hate for people to miss them. *sadface*
Ah! Quelle Antiquité” and “Oh! Quelle Folie que la Nouveauté!!!
1778 meets 1793

4 thoughts on “Oops! All my posting has been over here:”

  1. Hi there!
    The Fashion Articles are getting over to Live Journal on your feed, yay! The pictures are all showing up. Wanted to tell you that is a really nice job you are doing. I like the historical expanations behind the fashion trends, tres chic!

  2. It’s fabby! It is a wonderfully informative site (with a Kallisti dose of love!). I didn’t notice the view gallery though – had to go back after you made the edit… don’t know if that helps. I am tired, so others might be more observant than me.
    Beautiful work as always 🙂

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