2 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette, Epilogue”

  1. Such a great film! =) I loved it.
    I was thinking your Lulu would make a beautiful Marie Antoinette. Ever think about it?

  2. I am two thirds of the way through THE KNIGHT OF MAISON-ROUGE by Alexandre Dumas, a novel set during the time of Marie Antoinette’s residence in the Tower. Thinking it would be a great tool to help me go to sleep, I started the first page, and before I knew it, 5am came and work was dreadful that day. Recommended reading for those who have exhausted all other works directly or indirectly about the last queen of France. Oh! Also, as a young girl, I had the most wonderful set of Manga/Comic THE ROSE OF VERSAILLES which was an English translation of the original Japanese version (My mom purchased the 2 volumes at Kinokuniya SF Japan Center for some ridiculous price of something like $25 each, and this was in the early 80’s!) Guess it was well worth it as it then opened up my life-long interest of M.A.

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