Marie Antoinette

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Ok, I’ve waited to watch the trailer til just now. I love suspense. Like pretending Christmas isn’t next week.
And I have to admit I got shivers. Opens October 20th. I am a-quiver.
My passion for history and rococo in general, and the French Revolution in particular, need not be explained. I really adore Sofia. I super crush on Dunst and the little spaces between her teeth (boing!). And I really love the 80’s. If it doesn’t suck, I will so win.
*flutter* Shirley Hendersen, Marianne Faithful, Judy Davis… wah!
And this is as good a time as any to make the announcement official: Décolleté 2.0 is up! The Severed Head Gallery is TEN YEARS OLD! Can you stand it? It originally went up in the winter of 1996, when I was under-employed and living in New Orleans. I’ve now officially moved it from Chapel Perilous to Home is where the heart is, eh?
Check out the Marie Antoinette galleries. And the Guillotine Galleries too! I will need to add an entry for Coppola’s film I’m sure… unless I hate it. Which I hope I don’t. Woo!
Warning: Working out some display issues in Firefox! I’m still working on expanding the galleries, links, and references. I have so, SO much material that is not posted. Hence my whinging about movable type and photogalleries the other week. Well, I’ve made it work, for the nonce. Feedback, corrections and suggestions very much welcomed! Just don’t tell me it sucks in Firefox. I know…

5 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette”

  1. Oh dear, I FEAR for the dialogue…..MA uses some totally NON 18th c idioms in the trailer…..and I so hate it when they play fast and loose with history, even in the name of glamour and a good story (as in Elizabeth w/Cate B). But OMG the costumes are utterly DIVINE. DIVINE I tell you!!

  2. when I look at the credits for this film, I don’t think of another movie title… I think of the classic Sex Pistols’ Nevermind the Bollocks! album

  3. this is an absolute Turkey of a film. I tried to like it I really did. Maybe it’s the US trying to diss France over Iraq! The film was appalling. Terrible dialogue, wooden acting, paper thin characters, almost no story line apart from parties and cakes and protocol. Of course, nobody got fat from gorging themselves on cakes, food and drinks. Maybe because they burnt off the calories shagging.
    The film fails on any level. It is at least 60 minutes too long. Someone put Sofia Coppola out of her misery for it is he who should be beheaded

  4. The dialogue may be fast and loose, but the history is spot on. There’s very little in the way of invention in MA, aside from gimmicky bits that work as metaphor.
    I can completely see where the film wouldn’t appeal to many, but it isn’t a turkey by a long shot. The whole point is the parties, and cakes and protocol… and then they die. That was her life. Personally I found the portrayal much more interesting and instructive by far than the 1938 Norma Shearer version.
    here’s a linkie for my full review…

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