Marie Antoinette

Wowie zowie! October 2006. Harsh.

Sofia Coppola’s eagerly awaited follow-up to ‘Lost in Translation’ is clearly no BBC yawner. Who else would set the trailer for an 18th-century biopic to New Order’s ‘Age of Consent’?

*snort!* We were listening to that album on the drive down to LA last month. Weeee! ♥ I love my BBC yawners though.
Dude. Look at this line-up!

Kirsten Dunst …. Marie-Antoinette
Jason Schwartzman …. Louis XVI
Rip Torn …. King Louis XV
Judy Davis …. Comtesse de Noailles
Asia Argento …. Madame du Barry
Marianne Faithfull …. Maria Theresia
Aurore Clément …. La duchesse de Chartres
Guillaume Gallienne …. Comte Vergennes
Clementine Poidatz …. Comtesse de Provence
Molly Shannon …. Anne Victoire
Steve Coogan …. Count Mercy d’Argenteau
Jamie Dornan …. Axel von Fersen

Rip Torn? Marianne Faithfull??? Oh boy!

I have a secret crush on Kirsten Dunst… So all ya’ll just shut up. Virgin Suicides and Dick and Drop Dead Gorgeous are some of my favorites.
Can’t wait to see Narnia and King Kong and Libertine, which has been pushed back for general release until JANUARY. Ugh! I need me some Wilmot!
Did I mention that I loved Pride & Prejudice? Hahhaa! So there! It was awesome. Keira Knightley’s modern face bugs me, but she is very good and fluid and spunky. MacFadyen is quite the gent, and I’m a huge fan anyway. I snuck into see it on opening day. At 1pm the theater was full! Great crowd to see it with, lots of Berkeley Austen fans so they were all laughin’ and cheerin’ at all the right moments. We could have been seeing Lizzie & Jane’s Excellent Adventure for all they cared! And then… at the end… when Mr. Bennet is coming to terms with giving away his Lizzie I noticed all the men in the audience were sniffling. YAY! So awesome. But really, brilliant film. Very vibrant and witty and gorgeous. Costumes were FAB. Hair was messy. Judi Dench was imperious. Fantastic.
The open shirt bit at the end with Darcy emerging from the dewy morning mist was a bit… Brontësque? Is that a word? But gave it more passion than Austen’s “please sign on the dotted line” endings ^_^