la Princess(e) de Lamballe

La Princesse de Lamballe
by Joseph Sifiède Duplessis

Marie-Therese De Savoie-Carignan (1749-92)
Princess of Lamballe

A long time friend to Marie-Antoinette, Lamballe faithfully stuck by her until forcefully removed from the Queen’s company in 1792. Confronted by an improvised court on trumped up charges which she denied, she was then asked to swear an oath of loyalty to Liberty and Equality and one of hatred to the King, Queen and Monarchy, she accepted the first but refused the latter. A door was opened off the interrogation room, where she saw men waiting with axes and pikes. Pushed into an alley she was hacked to death in minutes. Her clothes were stripped from her body, and her head was struck off and stuck on a pike. Some accounts attest to the crowd cutting off her breasts and mutilating her genitals. What is certain is that her head was carried in triumph through Paris to be shown to the Queen. Marie-Antoinette spared herself this torment by fainting on the spot. The valet however peered through the blinds to see de Lamballe’s blonde curls bobbing in the air.

— Simon Schama (somewhat paraphrased) – Citizens

Princesse de Lamballe
Joseph Boze, 18th cent.
The last day of the Princess Lamballe
La décollation de la princesse de Lamballe.

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  1. Ik heb altijd van deze dame en haar liefde voor de konigin Marie-Antoinette,haar leven boeit mij.
    Dank voor de mooie fotos.

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