La Casa Updates

Weee! We spent last Saturday painting La Casa Formica. The outside is the same green we used for all my bookcases, so the house will gel really well with my living room. And the shingles are raspberry pink! Weee! We spraypainted all the trim and windows white and gave the inards a primer coat. I’ve got a TON of fabu papers now, it will be hard to narrow it down to just four. Definately the circus paper and poodles though. Gotta have.
Still to do: Putting white trim and gingerbread around the roof and shingles. Insert gothic windows from My Scene set into back top floor as well as the spiral staircase. The roof is going to be a roof garden with cross-buck railing and lots of topiary and birdbaths. Heeee. Also, I need 10″ cheap greek statues! Any good ideas, please let me know. We need to hit up the greek store in SF soon. Um, wallpaper and painting. There is lots of decorating to do! Aaagh!
Click below for bloated gif of the Dr. Stretch N. Pull’s Torture Chamber. We have a real nice movie of it, but that was 10 megs! I don’t think I can post it. Poo.


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