More Hypermaniac 2006 pictures!

And a front page apology on the Korean site about being delayed do to personal reasons.
The Family:
Ishta: I love her body shot! Except for the hands, very similar to Ksy it seems.
Skadi: I wonder if she has a different body to Ishta? Probably not… but it would be neat if she had a straight, tomboy girl body. Weee!

Something wicked in the nursery

something wicked in the nursery

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Meet Dropsy! My Hypermaniac So-som, eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

While we were in LA, I picked up my so-som from a kind benefactor! After waiting since November last year, I’m so happy she’s home! We cleaned and restrung her with elastic (she is originally strung w/ rubber bands). She’s so resentful of being teensy. But she likes caramels.

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Fairy in the hatbox


Amazing. That is a Gene Marshall dress. the first and last snaps fasten but not the waiste. Meh. About 1/2″ (?) to small I think. Super for photos too. Also, the Fashion Victims PVC cheerleader outfit fits if you cut out the sewn-in panties and don’t mind it being REAL SHORT. Gonna have to make her some black panties to wear with.
But I think I love her best in the frothy vintagey garb. Mmmmm.
Oh yes, and this wig took a HUGE trim in the bangs and lots of strategically placed velcro. It was supposed to be UNOA sized but I have a feeling it was really MSD. But I LOVE IT. Must get more wigs in that “milk” color.


St. Trinian likes to kick her legs in the air and smoke too many cigarettes.

I think it looks like she’s yawning! This face is SO cute. There are little inserts for her mouth, a palette, tonsils and front teeth, and a little tongue for the bottom. Can’t really get the light to reflect off her little pink tonsils but they are SO CUTE. Gah.
Happy MSD nursie outfit from YJP. A little big, but the synching helped. Now, another wig I bought that was supposed to be a 6 and had a Unoa picture on it is way oversized. And I was trying to get away with just a little velcro on her head but the wig don’t stick to it, and I think I just like my moleskin better. It don’t tangle wigs up. Nyah.

Ooooh, finally!

Won the Lusis orgasmic face on YJP. Phew! Paid too much, but dammint! I’ve been trying for a month.
Yay. More dorries, less politics.
“America! Fuck yeah!
Kissin’ my boyfriend on the corner, oh yeah!”
Rewriting the “Team America” lyrics is fun when driving around The City.