What does one need for one’s first trip to Europe?
Cyber-shot® Digital CameraDSC-T20/P
Tha’s right! The world’s greatest pink camera. Sony is da bomb when it comes to styling. Makes nice cameras too. That picture makes it look huge. It is tiny. 4oz w/o tiny battery.
Saw it at the Metreon Sony Store last week. Became obsessed. Had a bad day yesterday. Needed shopping therapy. Big box stores are retarded and worse, do not stock pink cameras. So we ordered it online. Saved some tax, yo.
If anyone is interested in my fab little Nikon Coolpix 4300 for $110 + some shipping, let me know. When the new cammy gets here (a week I hope) it’ll be going on ebay. Here are the specs: Nikon Coolpix 4300 – 4 megapixel!
It comes with manual, small nylon camera bag, extra battery, charger, and prolly some other stuff if we still have the box ^_^ We’ve used it well, but it has never been dropped or abused. And it got really great CNet reviews a couple years ago!

Blastmilk, ahoy!

It seems quiet here, don’t it. Well looks can be deceiving! All the action is IRL and I can barely keep up.
I lost the Volks lottery for the BtSSB Alice & The Pirates outfit, so if there is anyone out there who wants to let a hapless girl takeover their lottery or what have you, pleeeease let me know!
I just paid for my tickets to Europe in June! OMG. First time going, I’m completely freaked (hate flying) and ecstatic (dream come true) at the same time. Mostly I’ll be on tour to the Kallisti-Fest in Boveresse for the Absinthe Festival… but the Mr. and I will be in London for five days on our own.
I need suggestions for the absolutely coolest things to do for a art-history-lit geek like me! Tower of London, Madame Tussaud’s & the V&A are a given. What else?
And maybe spend two of those nights in another town? But where?
In any case, there will be more coming from me soon. No worries. This is a big, busy year!

I think…

For Ondine.
And then:
for Christmas? I’m waiting for more peektures. And there’s a whole slew of Dolpa 16 goodies we haven’t seen yet. *smacks head*
But for sure:
Hurrah! & 3-6 months would be good. Some time next year Ginevra & Ermengarde will get their Dollstown body!
And not to mention the eventual release of the Hypermaniac dollies. Ugh!
In the meantime: Reno this weekend with Toddums and Switzerland in June for the 10th Anniversary of FeeVerte.net at the Boveresse Absinthe Fest.
Seriously. I hate to fly, the only reason why I waffle. I must pray to ye gods of dutch courage and get my ass on that plane. Gar.

Volks Halloween Party!

Mr. Kallisti as Blobpus, Volks Halloween Tea Party

Hermione & Miette won 2nd Place and a big granite trophy in the dolly costume contest for “Bo Peep and Her Sheep.” I didn’t get very good pictures as it was really crowded! So official photoshoot for the archives SOOOOON. Also got interviewed by Mikey for the Japanese Television. That was nerve wracking. I look real purdy in my Laughing Sal outfit with my toof all blacked out. Pretty girl! It was a barrel of excitement, everything happens so quickly it is hard to keep up. Such a whirl!
But here’s the news:
1) Christmas 2006: new doll or re-release of an LE girl
2) June 2007: 2 day NYC Dolpa w/ FCS & Painting Class (and LE doll)
3) October 2007: Japanese Style Dolpa in Los Angeles. They will be hiring a 747 to fly out 500 Dealers & Fans from Japan, and encourage U.S. people to get sewing so they can be dealers too! Location at Hotel and reservations to be announced. Also an LE doll for this event.
My Pix: Volks Halloween 2006 – a photoset on Flickr
And a couple more choice selects from Melissa (swak!): Paul & Heads, and me in really fancy company w/ trophy.
P.S. Special congrats to Aimee for finally winning the baby angel of her heart. And A.J. too! Wow! No postcards!

Birthday loot!

Came home Tuesday to find the biggest box in the world, all wrapped in minty green paper that perfectly matched our decor. Tearing it open revealed a dream come true! The full set of Camille Rose Garcia vinyls. They’re so much bigger than I thought! 12″ or more? Only one girl has come out so far. Don’t actually have room for them right now :/ but expect more peektures of them coming soon. And then the girl vinyls will fight the boy vinyls TO THE DEATH!

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Originally uploaded by blastmilk.

Got back late Monday night! So I’m late with the pictures… I was lame anyway. I always mean to take more, and to take more of the people and not just the dolls. But I’m such a flibberty-gibbet at these things. It is all I can do to go get another glass of wine!
So here’s another round of one-offs (that you’ve seen 238473 times by now) and the dolls at our table. This is my first Flickr gallery! Check it.
Other people’s pix I like: Liz, Melissa, Nadja!
I brought: Hermione, Miette, Aphra, Lord Foppington, Leopoldina and Aschenputtel! People laughed at me… I also had a couple people tell me that Hermione had changed their minds about F16 being a girl. Now that I have a Chris, even the new one, his features are much sharper, more pronounced, and the head is bigger. They make lovely twins ^_^
Speaking of The Mold™… I finally turned in my Sasha Petition, directly to Mr. Shigeta, the president of Volks! I was almost too shy. Mr. Kallisti had to drag me over and his youngest son who was there helping out translated. I had it all attractively printed out, and put in a cute icecream colored folder. Translating the concept of a petition, or vote was difficult, but I think we finally managed it. They were both very lovely, Mr. Shigeta gave me his card, made some notes and took down my name and email address. So. It is done. The rest is in the hands of fate.
I didn’t put in for any of the one-offs this time. Most of the dolls I swooned over were dolls I already had like Liz & Sweet Dream Nana (there were TWO!). The closest I got was Sweet Dream Nono, and had she been white resin I totally would have… her outfit was gorgeous and I loves SD Nono muchly. She was very popular at our table though, but someone else got her, I hope we see pictures! They also had TWO F-28 boys, but they were both sunlight. Again, had he been snow… I was about to order him through Sato FCS when WC Chris was released, so he’s still on my list somewhere down the line! They didn’t use the LE beauty white resin at all this round, it was all the FCS white, except for one sei-tenshi I saw the next day in line… beauty white sei-tenshi! Aieeeeeeeeeee!
We didn’t win anything at bingo either, but some of our friends won the dolls of their dreams! It was super fun, and we got to meet Angie (nofunangie) & Keith (Friends of Todd, or FoT for short) and hang out all weekend. Angie’s old skool F-04 Tallulah is badass, I love her style, and Angie did the most amazing back tattoo on her that no one managed to get a picture of 0_o. Nadja and Will were also down, and we took over a couple awesome restaurants both Saturday & Sunday with dolly people. Wow.
The weather was stunning. Totally San Francisco style summer… breezy and not too hot, even inland! I was all prepared for the blistering LA heat, and I got none.


I took an extra day off to dress dollies for the Tea this weekend. Holy cow!
Sure is fun, though. We leave early tomorrow. Vroooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!
Mr. Kallisti just got the biggest box ever from Rinkya o_0 … it is Kaiju Kristmas at House of Blastmilk! But among the oodles of vinyl there was this (not necessarily work safe):

Just sayin’. *falls over laughing*
K, two more dollies to dress. And some errands to run. If I don’t post again… see ya’ll in LA!
♥ kallisti

Restoration Comedy, or Love’s Last Shift

I dream often of living some place less expensive, where I could afford to buy a house, where the people are a little less politically correct, and the cars are fewer… (insert “Swiss Family Robinson” theme music here)…
But I’ve had such an amazing week, all due to local color and local comforts.

Last thursday we took my uncle to see “Restoration Comedy” at Cal Shakes theater, which neither of us had ever been to. A gorgeous outdoor theater in the wilds of Orinda, nestled amongst the hills in a glade of giant eucalyptus, we were dive bombed by dragonflies throughout the performance, but no mosquitos (pronounced muskeetas if you’re like me and yer mama is from the midwest)!

I’ll let you read more about the play here. It is only playing til the 30th. It was so brilliant and so funny, and oft times so very GAY that I was literally falling off my lawn chair I was laughing so hard. And the costumes! Oy! Lots of costume puns and general fabulousness. If this play comes to your town, SEE IT.

We had dinner downtown at “Casa Orinda”… and old timey relic of a restaurant that has gone a bit upscale but still serves awesome fried chicken and and steak and spaghetti and stuff. And they had REAL GRAVY. Like not brown gravy, or craft service yellow gravy… real gravy. I could bathe in it.
The icing on the cake of a perfect evening: when we dropped my Uncle off he loaded me up with yet another chunk of his ancient library… specifically the Restoration plays (printed late 17th century), a contemporary copy of The Beggar’s Opera (18th century), and a biography of Henry VII by Sir Francis Bacon (16th century). More on those later. After I roll around in them naked for a bit.
Sunday night, in the middle of our little heat wave (yes, it was 94 in El Cerrito) we went to The Merritt Bakery for dinner in Oakland. Another relic, and old diner, again specializing in fried chicken and cake! It was sooper. We then went and saw the pirate movie at The Grand Lake, yet another beloved anachronism: the gigantic gilded movie house. Used to go there quite a bit as a kid.
Last night we drove to the City for a hair cut. And nipped down to 16th Street and Pancho Villas for burritos. It may be hard to believe, but you just can’t get Mission style burritos anywhere but the Mission. Berkeley don’t have it. No sir. It is only fifteen miles away, and there ain’t nothin’ like it no where else. Sigh.
I am replete. Living here is no punishment, despite the high cost of living. I still fantasize daily about Baltimore or Portland or New Orleans or the Wilds of BigFoot Country. Sigh.