I just spent $60 on pastel chalks. Daaaaamn. I needed some new colors, my palette has become too predictable. But… daaaaaaaaaamn. They just opened a Blick in our neighborhood. And while tidy and well stocked, they don’t carry Winsor Newton Brush Cleaner™ that we use for face-up removal by the gallon, and they are more expensive than the good ole Utrecht up on University Ave. So while they had these really cool shiney glittery pearly pastels, it ain’t worth the extra expense for all the other stuff.
I was looking around for a cool box to hold all my loose pastels and was surprised when I didn’t find one. Mr. Kallisti glibly informed me that artists do not accessorize their chalks and just re-use the boxes the sets come in. o_o
Well, I never! I told him I’m an artist and I always accessorize!
Speaking of which, I leave you with the best accessory: Butter… modeling an outfit her gramma sent from Michigan as an anniversary present! A bit too small, Gramma!


Hypermaniac is refunding my so-som money. I’m really heartbroken. I’ll use the mullah to go to LA in August, and then I’ll start the hunt for another so-som or a different tiny. It was like a phantom pregnancy. I had a whole bag of goodies just waiting for her to come home and she never did.
On another note, Butter met my family for the first time yesterday and was a super star. She also got her first bee sting, ouch! I’d been waiting for it to happen as she keeps chasing them :p I thought it was in her mouth, but we found it right in the middle of her chin this morning. Poor boo.

Happy Birthday Biscuit!

Biscuit is two years old today! Woo! Or tomorrow perhaps… we estimated his birthday as he was a feral and we don’t know exactly when he was born. I’m so proud, he’s grown into such a zen kitty. Still a bastard cat, but so wise.
Sunning himself on our back porch. Nothing finer. Except a moobie of him not moving and Butter being giddy.
For a Biscuit retrospective, please visit my Cat Category!
And the obligatory Buttery Nipple shots.

Dawn in the Park

Today is Butter’s day! Her two week adoption trial is over, no returns after this point. To celebrate I will inflict you with way too many pictures of our early morning walk. Also, I finally measured her skinny li’l neck this morning: 8″!

At the end of my block is Creekside Park. My cottage doesn’t have a fenced yard, so this is where we get all our excersize. I love it! They recently renovated this park, laid that beautiful path that is all tiny pieces of colored broken glass, but left the old stuff that I found so charming, like the dried up pond and the lichen covered fence that once enclosed it. I wish this pond was functioning, it is so cute! I have no idea when it was built, but it runs right along Cerrito Creek that is the border between El Cerrito and Albany, and this park is right at the foot of Albany Hill. The trees are blossoming, and it is all dewy and cool in the morning. Butter doesn’t mind it one bit.

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Introducing Miss Butter Head

Or, Butter Bat… or, Molly McButter… or, Miss Lulubelle the Circus Freak… weeeeeeeeee!
Dude, not only do I have some really bad pictures, but I have some reeeally bad video on youtube! Our camera is not the vid-master. So the night shots were awful. But cute enough to inflict on the internet.

If anyone can tell what kind of mix she is I’d appreciate the input. She’s about 7-8 lbs, so on the large size of Chihuahua. And has a hilarious snaggletooth smile. Poor li’l gargoyle. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Click below for too many peektures of Butter. It is hard to capture the wiggle-butt!

Note how Biscuit is stealing the swanky Mizrahi doggie bed right off.
So far she’s been really great. A little crying but she responds good to correction. She’s coming to “butter” already and she knows the command “sit.” Walking on the leash on the otherhand… we’re going to have to read her instruction manual on that! She’s housetrained (kinda) and loves the squeaky li’l flamingo we got her. The only thing is she seems to be a bit possessive over the lap and growls at the cats when they approach when she’s settled in. Though she gets along with them so well otherwise I think this can be corrected. Pekoe is pouting but Biscuit is a very good boy and is treating her really well, and playing with her a bit. See video. I’ll upload more retarded pet videos later. I bet you can’t wait :p
She’s curled up at my feet as I type. I’m so happy. Thank you for indulging me ♥
Edit: To add a note my husband sent to Paul last night:
“Butter the dog is here and at home. Becky is a very happy momma and we
gave Butter her first bath together. Biscuit has his nose planted
firmly up her butt and Pekoe is vomiting and pooing on the mat outside
the box. Butter also made her first attempt at eating said “protest”.
I saw her dragging a nice fresh piece out of the litter. YUM! Stop licking me!!!”

Imogen is a star!

Angelregion has added UFK kits for tan & milky white. And the sample doll for milky white is my Imogen! I’ve been trying to find the perfect wigs for her. And each time I order from Audreys or Kemper hers are out of stock. Meh.
I miss my dollies, been so busy. And we’re picking up my chihuahua tomorrow! So more busy. I’m wondering out loud if I should resign my modship on DoA. Work is so demanding which renders me totally useless and it just doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I can’t mod from work hardly except to poke in and then I work more when I get home. I don’t feel that I’m giving back and am starting to feel guilty, its not fair to the other mods who work so hard!
Melissa (kitten princess) took me shopping at her pet store yesterday. I got this:
Puppies legs are so long though, I’m wondering if it will be too short for her. Got most of the doggie basics. Woo!
EDIT: yes, puppy legs were too long and we had to return it :p