Japanorama and Jonathan Ross love

Mr. Kallisti and I had already developed an affection for Jonathan Ross after watching his highly affectionate series from the 80’s on cult film The Incredibly Strange Film Show that included in depths on John Waters and Russ Meyer among others.
Recently we ran across his Japanorama series. News to us, don’t know how familiar non-brits are with this series, we’ve been spellbound all week with his presentation and enthusiasm for the subject, including eighteen episodes spanning three seasons over six years. Beneath his dapper English exterior, and charming lisp, he is a self proclained Otaku, and his enthusiasm for all things Japanese, especially robots, is contagious.
“JAPANOWAMA! LOOK! I’m widing an electwic panda!!!”
View: Japanorama on YouTube
More info: Japanorama Wikipedia
Super Dollfie (and other kewl toys) make an appearance in Series II, with a full profile excerpted below. Booya!

All content brought to you by the magic of the intarwebz. Full episodes can be found in undisclosed locations.

Edgar Allan Poe: Happy 200th!

As we celebrated the almost inauguration of our super cool president, I remembered to light a little candle to Edgar. When I suddenly realized it was his 200th birthday. Looks like someone else noticed too.
Edgar Allen Poe
January 19, 1809 – October 7, 1849

Hugs and Dark and Sparkly kisses to my Sepulchritudinous co-horts, who have been stabbing birthday cakes in Edgar’s name for many these long gloomy years. Especially Bat, who started when she was like, eight.

Zomg. Swimsuit!

1349554.jpgI’ve been vaguely shopping for swimsuits for the past couple years, never quite finding something that fits the cute AND flattering criteria so important to fashion savvy chubby funsters… until now. With the amount of time we spend at big ass hotels in Tahoe and Reno, it is a shame not to take a plunge in their ridiculously luxurious pools.
And then [queue the dreamy music] I saw this. An empire waisted swimdress, square neckline, polkadot bodice with buckle detail, and an a-line skirt that skims past the waist, coming to rest finally mid-thigh. That’s right. It is proper mini-dress length. ZOMG! It has super boob support, with armholes cut high-enough under the arms to hold all your squishy bits in. Dreamy!!! I kid you not, I was ready to put on some combat boots and hit the discos in this thing.
Lane Bryant. YAY.
Sad bit is, I realized that this is the first bathing suit I’ve had since, um… puberty. D’oh! That is more a reflection on the state of swimsuit designs for the past *cough* thirty years than it is of my modesty. Nyah.

Addicted to color… and online window shopping.

Cherry Blossom Sheeting.jpg
apothecary-bathroom.jpgOnly one of the above bits o’ eyecandy have I purchased. Sigh. The internet is so soothing. Since the move last August I have a freshly sparked interest in pretty little things for the house. A girl can always shop, can’t she?
Pottery Barn’s Apothecary Bath Collection. Mrwowr.

the sleeper awakens.

I’ve never had such a deep winter slumber. We had a marvelously wet and early spring, the above was taken in February. A miniature daffodil hill sprung up in the middle of the garden. While only a few flowers bloomed, there are dozens of the plants in an ancient raised bed surrounded by a stone circle. We’ve since weeded and now wait to see if any more blooms will happen or whether we’ll need to unearth the bulbs come fall to put the daffy back in the daffodil.
We’ve started an absinthe garden and sprinkled the earth will drifts of california wildflower seeds. The herb bed I planted in the old stone pond has exploded, yay!
Apologies to those near and far for the silence. My inbox is a wasteland and I’ll be touching base with all of you soon.
P.S. Oh, see the new site design? I’m still sweeping up, more to come!

Holidays are for hiding

Craigslist.org + battatdollhouse1.jpg + Unemployed Mr. Kallisti = AY0121.jpg
Stay tuned!
My winter has been all about low profile. We’ve had a rough and wonderful year, hard to take it all in. But now I’m hibernating in what little downtime I have. Work has been non-stop, so the quiet moments are like tiny baby birds that are easily squashed! I’m busy though, just not online much. Lots of writing and research, it gives me some awesome pleasure. Rainy days with small dogs and kitties and books and needlework. One is never too young to be grandmotherly.
And I uploaded a bunch of our pictures from the trip to London last June. Click thumbnails to be magically wisked away to Flickr!
Sleeping Beauty, or Madame du Barry The Victoria & Albert Museum Queen Elizabeth's Head
This way to the Bloody Tower!  This way to the Toilets!
Needless to say we are preparing fun postage for the severed head gallery. Woot!

Fangirl Project: Becky aka Kallisti

Ha-ha, omg I’m retarded. K, thx.

Seriously though, the Fangirl Project girls were t’awesome! I was a bit under the weather, so neglected to wear my tutu. Damn.

Those are my curtains and new couch. Yay!

You can vote for this pic… but I just can’t compete with the gorgeous Miss Jessica. Fab!

4th Generation Californian


My grandmother! Kate Overstreet (Prince O’Brien) circa… erm, mid 1920’s.
Ran across cousin Andy’s repository of family pictures, and there are a bunch I’d never seen. My grandmother’s family hails from just south of San Jose, in Hollister. They were fruit farmers… all those vintage california fruit crate labels? Casa de Fruta? Neighbors anyway. Yeah, that was us ^_^
Sailor Ralph!Aunt Edith in old-fashioned bathing costume
I found these after the photoshoot I did the other day, honest! I was tickled to see this one of my uncle in a sailor suit and my great aunt Edith sporting it up in what even then was an old-fashioned bathing costume.
You can see a gallery of the Prince/Overstreet family on flickr!
I like to share.

Here I am!

Something weird, aside from myself, going on with my blog. For some reason ImageMagick and NetPBM aren’t being recognized on my server so the MT software can’t process images into thumbnails etc. I also upgraded to MT4, but it is barfing on my old templates. So I’ve moved to a slightly modified default for now and will be cleaning it up as I time allows! I hate doing things in stages this way, but it was brokey. *whine*
Also, what eeediot (me) thought it was a good idea to have a tooth extracted and then move the day after? This was my first bit o’ tooth surgery, I guess I’ve been lucky… but holy crap! That was horrible. How come I only got nitrous during the needle part, and not the pulling, smashing, banging and stitching??? I’ve never taken so many pain killers in my life. My face ballooned up very unattractively, and I had to stumble around directing my 70+ year old parents in moving token boxes up the hill to the new place (they insisted on helping, it was very sweet ♥).
I get my stitches out this morning… dude, I have stitches IN MY MOUTH o_0
Any way, welcome to the worst month of my life. Seriously. This entire year (except for that whole trip to Europe fabulousness) has bit the big donkey schlong.
But this morning on the way to work, as I was turning down Moeser and confronted with the AMAZING view of the bay from the end of our block, I felt the first glimmer of optimism since that poor man was murdered on our lawn.
It is not over, but there’s hope. And orphaned hedgehogs and a brush.
I still have to cancel DirecTV and eat the $175 contract cancellation fee they tricked me into 6 months ago for ordering their useless DVR that I returned anyway and ate the $99 non-refundable fee on already. As well as the preliminary AND final walk-through with our previous evil landlord and hope he doesn’t try to withhold our deposit beyond reason. Oh, and we have to eat another $150 contract fee from Earthlink because they don’t offer DSL at the new location. WTF, indeed.
I did manage to snag 5 pairs of shoes from the Haute Doll MA collection. Rawr. The dollies are still packed. I’m going through withdrawal. And my mother-in-law arrives on the 6th for a holiday!