When SuperKaijus Visit …

Best houseguests EVAR. Junk shopping, Kaiju popping, Okonomiyaki flipping happy goodness. Paul & Melissa.

Sunday was super hot so we had an impromptu Film Fest, with banana shakes and sundry other boozes. Once the sun went down Paul got to work in the kitchen and made a series of Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake-like griddled dish) of ever increasing complexity and awesomeness. The Grande Finale was Octopus & Hamhock— or, HAMHOCKTOPUS—that bloo my mind. For real, it was superb! Whoddathunkit???
Pose Doll by Melissa! She is so dreamy, I will name her and play dress-up for DAYS. More, better pictures to come!
omgomgomg!  SuperJunk gifty-poo
And last but not least, Mr. Kallisti has spent the last few months dissecting vintage Kappa, analyzing how they were made, and recreating the art of Kappa Kraft!
Mr. Kallisti's Silver Screen Kappa!Devil Kappa for the Devil Man: Paul Kaiju!

Film Fest for the Aging Hipsters:

Addicted to color… and online window shopping.

Cherry Blossom Sheeting.jpg
apothecary-bathroom.jpgOnly one of the above bits o’ eyecandy have I purchased. Sigh. The internet is so soothing. Since the move last August I have a freshly sparked interest in pretty little things for the house. A girl can always shop, can’t she?
Pottery Barn’s Apothecary Bath Collection. Mrwowr.

4th Generation Californian


My grandmother! Kate Overstreet (Prince O’Brien) circa… erm, mid 1920’s.
Ran across cousin Andy’s repository of family pictures, and there are a bunch I’d never seen. My grandmother’s family hails from just south of San Jose, in Hollister. They were fruit farmers… all those vintage california fruit crate labels? Casa de Fruta? Neighbors anyway. Yeah, that was us ^_^
Sailor Ralph!Aunt Edith in old-fashioned bathing costume
I found these after the photoshoot I did the other day, honest! I was tickled to see this one of my uncle in a sailor suit and my great aunt Edith sporting it up in what even then was an old-fashioned bathing costume.
You can see a gallery of the Prince/Overstreet family on flickr!
I like to share.

Zen Summer

I’m in a happy place. I received tracking info from Volks (no, not Masha, who has been delayed til late July, but another baby), and I’ve been alternately lazy and crafty about the house.
After the previous few months of utter madness and thriftiness and selling, I’m so relieved!
I’ve sewed two new dolly dresses, from my own patterns (go me!) and finished one of the corsets I used as a sample for Dollectable. And there is lots of laying around in between watching BBC costume dramas I picked up in the UK that won’t even be released here for another year or so. Gads, I’m so happy!
Oh, and season 3 of Dr. Who started. And Torchwood is coming in September.
And all the animals follow me from room to room, I feel like Cinderella.
I know I am slow with my travel diaries. We’re waiting for a cd from a friend who was kind enough to offload 2 gigs of images in Switzerland onto his laptop. So I have earlier images, and pix from the end of the trip, but I’m missing the middle o_0. You know what that does to a storyline, yikes!
Spoony was my date
In a Swiss farmhouse on the top of a mountain drinking absinthe and vintage vermouth and eating fondue with loved ones. Life just don’t get much better.

But there’s been a ton of pix uploaded to flickr, with more to come. You are welcome to browse.
I’m still in awe of the magickalness of the trip. But there was still so much to see, especially Paris. Didn’t have nearly enough time. Half a day lost in Les Halles totally scarred me for life with all the Burger Kings & Footlockers and GAPS and UGH! Stab the eyes out with hot pokers. We were looking for the Marais and took a right instead of left at the Pompidou Center and were DOOOOMED. We did find porn and sausages eventually though. So it worked out in the end.
I’m reading an amazing book, “Liberty: The Lives and Times of Six Women in Revolutionary France” and there are numerous mentions of Les Halles as the market center of Paris. I guess it still is, but where are the fishwives? They’re hocking Nikes and burgers these days. It hurts my soul.

Pan European Absinthe Safari – Part One

or, Kallisti Fest 2007
“I’m sorry I caused all that absinthe.” —Kallisti
Click here to skip to the flickr album! 204 pix and counting
Since I started the absinthe website, now FeeVerte.net, friends from the forum there have been poking me to join in the fun at the annual Boveresse Absinthe Festival, or at least to visit and see the absinthe and related sights. I’d refused up until now. I’m a total scaredy cat when it comes to flying.
2007 is the ten year anniversary of the Fee Verte website and forum. Ten years! I made a new header banner to celebrate! Oxygenee, who has since taken over the site (though I still help), finally convinced me that now was the time. They’d hold a fund raiser to help with tickets etc and arrange a special fun absinthey activities. How could I refuse!?!?!
KallistiFest 2007 was born.

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Weekend at Salon du Blastmilk!

Butter dances. She has since the first second we got her. Mr. Kallisti made her this hoola skirt ages ago, and while Harry was over he snapped a picture of her doin’ her thang.

So. Much. Love.
Harry came over Saturday for a much needed absinthe tasting & red meat eating fest! He showed up with a half dozen (at least) little neatly labeled samples of vintage absinthes for us to taste and rate. I was the silent partner, did all the typing, and added my 2 cents when I had it “slight latex after-taste like a flavored condom.” Yeah, that was me… Harry and Mr. Kallisti are off the hook for that one :p And that was just the Serpis 65!
The vintage line-up:

In between all that we went to Skates on the Bay and totally feasted on the red meat. Mwowr. And shrimp. And lavender cocktails. A rare treat indeed. It is crab season here and I think we’re going to make a trip up the coast (read: cheaper) for Valentines Day and whole crab and oysters. I’m thinking Tomales Bay.

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Io Saturnalia!

Lord Foppington Presides as The Lord of Misrule over the Saturnalia Festivities at the Blastmilk Home for Wayward Girls (and one boy).
Yes, wee Dropsy is hidden in that cage Ondine is dangling menacingly. Notables missing from the festivities are: Demelza & Ermengaarde, who are both in the head cabinet sulking.

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Strange Bedfellows

We’ve got the Christmas spirit here at the House O’ Blastmilk! I can’t believe I snuck back and got the camera without this little love fest breaking up. Mr. Kallisti started singing “Ebony and Ivory.”

Butter didn’t like so much the vintage doll bed Mr. put together for me last night. The spring mattress support acts just like a real one and her legs went all super wobbly. We caught Biscuit on it though. He’ll sleep on anything.
(Note: Bed was super bargain, but it is huge at 28 inches long o_0 who has space issues!?!?! But I couldn’t resist, I don’t have a bed for the big girls! They needed one. For real.)