When the cat is away

Mr. Kallisti will play…


We went to the Castro last weekend and found one of the naughty boy shops (187334 kinds of loob! who knew!?!?) had the Tom of Finland figure on sale! $20 cheaper than ebay even! And I get to support my local homo loob shop.
This guy rocks, btw, and it’s not even just about the 3 detachable peniseseses. He’s got an awesome face sculpt, *very* Tom! And he comes with a condom for you AND him!
In any case, I’ve been dying for him for months, we couldn’t resist the bargain. So home he came. And he’s been mounting every girl on my desk ever since. I came home to find the above posted to the absinthe forum this evening.
Bloo Barbie looks an awful lot like Paris Hilton, no?


I finally finished a proper tricorn for Fifi. My first try was dismal. But thanks to some helpful hints from my friend and boss Tamera who suggested real wool felt (you can steam shape the crown) and stumbling across this site, 1928 The New-way Course in Millinery & Hat Design, I slogged it through. It just needs some detail and embellishment and I will be happy.
Here’s Fifi showing off her new hat & stockings.

Apache Babe

I feel like Janet from Rocky Horror, jumping up and down screaming “I got it! I got it!” Every once in awhile, Ebay throws you a bone. Look at this little cutie:
A chalk carnival prize from the 30’s, known as the “Apache Babe.” I’ve been coveting her for quite awhile and let’s just say I got her for WAY below market value.
From The Chalkman’s website (I also have his book):
“The forever popular APACHE BABE. No relation to our native Americans, this Apache has a French origin. Design by Burt Gittins as an APACHE DANCER of the 1920’s. Some of our earlier movies showed Apache dancing where the couple, throughout the dance would have a cigarette dangling from their mouths, and hats tilted to the side of their head. There have been many copies produced of this figure, but nothing compares to the great quality of the original.”

Who doesn’t love a nun?

Oh GARSH. Talk about switching gears. A non Japanese doll, non-hentai… I have lots of other stuff in my house, here’s one of my favorites.

A 1940’s Composition Nun Doll we picked up in Reno earlier this year. I paid a little too much for her, but she was in such excellent condition, aside from a little crazing. Her collar and wimple are painted leather, her dress and bloomers are entirely of black taffeta, her hands and face are painted compostion with a wooden body.
I would like a whole room full of nun dolls.