Doll Creators & Distributors

Alchemic Laboratory: The home of the Unoa, Lusis & Sist by artist Gentaro Araki. So much love! My St. Trinian is a Unoa Lusis.
Angel Region: Dolls and clothing
Annz: makers of the gorgeous 1/6th kimono dolls.
Club67 Exclusive LE & regular line Jenny & Licca dolls!
CustomHouse: Home of the Ai dolls!
D.I.M.: Doll In Mind… beautiful small doll artists from Korea
Dollmore English Site: Narsha, Serendipity, Ajumapama dolls and lots of accessories & clothes
Dollstown: Out of Korea. Small operation, I really love his dolls and sculpts. Covet!
Dream of Dolls: MSD size resin dolls and clothing
Hypermaniac Dolls: Hyperdollies! Ball-joint Doll Maker from Korea. Gorgeous quality and sculpting. Releases a few editions each year, that is only available in limited numbers for that year only.
Jenny: Jenny’s new site! Upcoming Jenny & Outfits plus all of Jenny’s friends!
Licca Chan: Official TakaraTomy site for Licca!
News! Products!
Luts Cerebus Project: Luts is the distributor for Cerebus Project dolls as well as Dollshe, Peakswood, Notdoll Labs and more! Also has fab wigs, clothing & shoes. Sekiguchi’s Momoko site!
Muse Doll: Awesome dolly couture and gorgeous limited dolls.
Notdoll Lab: Unique and creepy-wonderful dolls. Notdoll is one of my favorite doll makers!
PetWorks: Originator of Momoko, still producing higher end Momoko lines!
Sekiguchi: Makers of new Momoko, Rune Dolls and more!
Souldoll: Dolls, clothing, eyes, and shoes
Volks: Now shipping worldwide all of their dolls, supplies, wigs, clothing
Volks USA: Now shipping direct from their new store in LA! Also see the Volks USA Blog for updates and announcements.

Dealers, Retailers and Fashions

Ajumapama: US distributor of Ajumapama clothing & shoes
Azone International Clothing: Home page for Azone Clothing line, they do not sell out of this site. Azone clothes are available from and Hobby Search.
Azone Toys & Collectibles: supplemental Azone site
Crescent Shop Deputy Shopping from Japan! Mr. Masamichi is lovely man who can help you get hard to find things from Japan!
Doll & Doll: Sells DIM Dolls, Roxy Doll, Secret Doll and others from Korea.
Dollmore: Sells their own line of BJD, as well as Dollshe, Narsha, Banji etc. Great clothes too! Jenny & Blythe doll retailer
Domuya: Retailer for Volks, Customhouse & Others. Dolls, clothes, accessories and shoes.
Hobby Search: Japanese retailer, ships to U.S.
Hobby Link Japan: Japanese retailer, ships to U.S.
Jenny Land: Sells Takara Jenny. Can get those hard to find limited dolls.
Karin Bussman: Karin sells Ajumapama, Fancyboots Liebchen et al, Cheery doll and more!
Leeke World: Beautiful wigs
Luts Cerebus Project: Luts is the distributor for Cerebus Project dolls as well as Dollshe, Peakswood, Notdoll Labs and more! Also has fab wigs, clothing & shoes.
Magma Heritage: Fantastic dealer from Singapore. Brings you Blythe, Pullip, Barbie, Momoko and other goodies.
Muse Doll: Awesome dolly couture and lovely bjd heads
Zero Goods Universe: Home of Momolita et al!
R & D Dolls: sells Volks, Blythe, Jenny, Susie, Momoko, Rune dolls and lots more!
Volks: Now shipping worldwide all of their dolls, supplies, wigs, clothing
Volks USA: Now shipping direct from their new store in LA!
Volks USA Blog: For news and announcements regarding sales, product arrivals, and event announcements!
Y’s Shop: Blythe retailer

Art Sources

etching from series "Before & After"

Note, in the etching, the corset on the chair & the chamber pot beneath the bed, both symbolizing that despite this girl’s struggle, she’s a little loose in her morals and invited the gentleman to her chambers.

Also note the wonderful detail of the contents of her dressing table. In the drawer is a book of erotic poetry by Rochester, "Novels" & "The Practice of Piety." On the floor is a spilled powder box & small box of spots or beauty marks.

Before and After
oil from series "Before & After"

Though the oil paintings contain less detail than the etchings, these were priceless in deciding color schemes. It looks to be wood panelling. But I chose a deep georgian rose to offset the blue-green bed curtains.

The Quack
Oil (from series "The Rake’s Progress")

Finding source material for 18th Century apothecaries is not easy, so I was thrilled this has so much detail. Not too visible in this rendition, but there is a wolfs head on top of the shelves on the left, and an alligator hanging from the ceiling. Now all I need is some scary taxidermy with which to outfit my shop.

The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum … exquisite! Note the lovely slate flooring.

19th Century, but an inspiration and favorite haunt, none the less. The old slate floor inspired my own.

18th Century French Apothecary
NOTE: Aligator hanging on ceiling! Just like the Hogarth painting.

17th – 18th Century Apothecaries & Medical Practices

17th – 18th Century Apothecary Jars and Ceramic Ware

Online Dollhouse Shops

  • Sid Cooke Dolls Houses
    Most excellent line of english dolls houses
  • Dijon UK
    Bookcases for Apothecary
  • GreenWoods Creations UK
    Mini Mundus Delft Apothecary Jars, white chamber pot, candleabra etc
  • Motts Miniatures
    Shenandoah Bed kit, lumber, trim, misc jars/bottles
  • Hobby Builders Supply
    Trim, Arched front door, shop sign, candle stand kit
  • SP Miniatures
    Glass medicine bottles
  • Ray Storey Lighting UK
    brass sconces, poison bottles, chem bottles, eyeball in beaker, chem equipment
  • Rosedale Figures UK
    arched marble resin fire surround & electric grate
  • Porcelain Fantasies
    Click HERE for pictures! Amazing china! I was originally going to order blank whites and then paint labels etc on them myself, but Marsha, the porcelain lady, kindly offered to paint simple labels & scrolls to my specifications in delft blue. And is even doing some custom modifications to create a LEECH jar, with air holes, and a barber/bleeder bowl which apothecaries & surgeons used to catch the blood from the patient’s arm. I am stunned and amazed by Marsha’s offer and enthusiasm to do this for me. Pix will follow when they arrive.
  • Earth & Tree Miniatures
    Eyelet punch for tape wire, slate tiles, fire bellows & GREAT Tips section!
  • Fingertip Fantasies
    Aztec oak tudor chest, Shenandoah console table kit
  • Masters Miniatures UK
    Dressing table, Charles II chair

French Revolution Links

The Straight Dope: Does the head remain briefly conscious after decapitation?
New York Public Library (NYPL) Digital Gallery: thanks for all the amazing fashion prints made available. ♥!
Ministère de la culture – base Joconde: Catalogue des Collections des Musees de France. For their amazing collections of artists of the period such as Isabey, Boilly and Laurent.
Jean Baptiste Isabey: The Little Court Painter: Isabey’s portraits are wonderfully informing on the various characters and fashions during the revolutionary period. Exquisite!
Jean-Baptiste Isabey: at Wikipedia!
The Metropolitan Museum of Art: wonderful portrait miniatures by Isabey and others.