Super Dollfie Display Cabinet (of epic proportions)

Super Dollfie Display Cabinet
Super Dollfie Display Cabinet

Glass Display Cabinet

It wouldn’t be holiday without a Craigslist run.

@Organtitus is disassembling it to get through the kitchen doorway. Or we would have to bring it up the big front stairs. It is a big baby! 48″ wide x 32″ tall x 30″ deep. Luckily he didn’t know it wouldn’t fit through the kitchen door before we brought it home. But it is through now and he is reassembling it. It is big enough to fit a super dollfie sized room! Something had to go though. Bye bye antique trunk, I traded you for something see-thru.

Glass Display Cabinet - with legs

Happy Decoration Day
Happy Decoration Day!

Crazy Pop Art Madonna Inn Enchanted Tiki Room

You guys! I got the most awesome curtains ever for the Rumpus Room (tv room/library) last night! Honest, I went in for some nice dark teal blue cotton curtains AND CAME OUT WITH FIESTA COLORED PARROTS!!! So. The room is going crazy pop art Madonna Inn Enchanged Tiki Room. That’s a thing, ain’t it?

Check out the pin board where my evil plans are slowly being realized.

Parrot Bird Ornithology Curtain

Parrot Bird Ornithology Curtain
Cost Plus World Market

Now I want to bring it down a notch with a big teal/turquoise over-dyed peacock green rug.

The walls are light green.. which will really make all the ikea lampshades I got POP!

And this is just me dreamin’ but I really am dying for this chair. Cuz, HELLO.

Fuchsia Nina Chair
Fuchsia Nina Chair

6 Common Design Mistakes You Can Fix Today

Kluttered Kitchen Pano

 (apartment therapy)

Ooooh, I’m going to study up. Guilty on all counts!

  1. Too much kitchen counter clutter
  2. Bad furniture and/or seating arrangement
  3. Too much clutter on tabletops
  4. Bookcases not thoughtfully curated or styled
  5. Bad lighting locations
  6. Art hung too high

(ok, now where’s that “I don’t give a cup of fuck.” meme? I know I laid it around here somewhere, but with all those cluttered tabletops and bad lighting locations, I can’t find it!)

Evelina vom Krampus: rings in the holidays!

A couple years ago I begged Paul Kaiju ( to do his magic on a dollfie dream body so I could have a Devil Girl in vinyl along the lines of his Yooskie. I’d had my heart set on a Delf Winking Ari head JUST as Luts discontinued her. Wah! But then… THEN… Nofunangie was selling her Winking Ari “Tankgirl” on the promise that she would be totally wiped and live no more. Mr. Kallisti did so, and sculpted some devil girl pointy ears on the head, while I bought my Brother in Law’s Dollfie Dream 1st Edition body (optimum for the doll anus in the sculpt. I know, I’m funny that way).  We inset magnets into her forehead, Mr. Kallisti did quick horns. There will be more.

Face-up by me. I promise to take more pictures of her, Evelina is RAD!

More pictures of our Holiday palace at Casa de Crockett!

New Beginnings!

Despite the sleepy blog, we’ve been quite busy in Blastmilk Land. THINGS are AFOOT, sweetie!

After nearly 7 years at my last place of employ, I’ve moved on to a new position as Web Development Consultant for Oxygenee LTD. & For those who don’t know, for many years I hosted an absinthe information website & community at In 2005 it was taken over by our good friend David at I’ve always said if he had enough work for a full time developer to give me a call. Well, it finally paid off and I’m working for this small eclectic Absinthe company located in Germany, France & the United Kingdom. All from sleepy li’l Crockett!

Here’s my carefully crafted wee home office. Purple desk thanks to Ikea’s new Isala.  This is located in our Rumpus Room.  Originally I was to put the office in the doll room, but the dolls kicked me out of the nursery!

Neeeext… since I’m working from home now what better time to adopt another rescue chihuahua! So here we are, introducing KING RUFUS!

Adopted from the Contra Costa Animal Shelter (I got Zillah kitty there earlier this year) on October 11th. He’s approximately 2 years old and was captured as a stray wandering open areas in the county for 2 months. He’s very friendly so we assume he’s been socialized and had family at one point. He’s 3.10 lbs! But we’re fattening him up to a nice 4 lbs.

As always, we want to make an effort to post more, but I can always be followed on flickr, or Facebook, or Twitter etc. links in the right column. I’m dribbling doo-dah there all day long.  When I’m not working or walking the dogs!

Art Deco Rococo! Hand-embroidered vintage table cloth

Thrifted from Sebastopol antique shop. I love vintage embroidered linens, but there is so much out there I try not to bring too much home. It has to be special, useful… and CHEAP! This was about as much as a new tablecloth from Target, so I think it was a super deal. On the small side, which is perfect for our little mission style dining table, with wings extended it will be a perfect fit. I love the monochrome palette, keeps it neutral in my very non-minimalist house ^_^

There is A LOT of work that went into this little beauty! Love love love!

California Carnivores: In Search of a Hungry Garden

These plants are not available in your standard nurseries… I was surprised! I’d been to three local well respected and exotic nurseries. But we are lucky enough to have the world’s largest collection & nursery of carnivorous plants within an hour’s drive, in Sebastopol, Ca.!

We bundled the husband and the little dog into the Green Beetle for a little road trip. There’s also a number of antique stores along the same Old Gravenstein Hwy 116, we’d hit them all up! It was a hot day, and one of the larger antique mall’s was kind enough to let us bring Butter into the store on leash. Which was lovely until she pooped in one of the booths. I was so mortified I dragged a stool over the “stool” and sent Mr. Kallisti scurrying to the car for the poop bags (sadly I hadn’t stuffed them in my pocket). When he returned I stealthily scooped and disposed of in the bathroom. Oy! The owners were all so nice, offered her cookies, and the little cafe supplied me with juice as my blood sugar had started to dangerously drop. If they only knew! The husband, “it never happened.” It never happened.

Right next door was the “California Carnivores” nursery, famous for it’s large collection of insect eating plants, I’ve read about them a lot recently. Their showroom was well stocked with all kinds of varieties, they had pre-planted “bogs,” collections to create your own bog, and individual plants ranging from $10 to $50. A serious nursery, with incredible street cred, they clearly have a lot of fun with the subject matter. There were rubber lizards and giant mock spiders everywhere, and in the gallery they had many creative planters and arrangements that imbued a macabre sense of humor in a disarming array of meat eating plants.

I picked up a Gulf Coast variety pitcher plant (Sarracenia alata) and a little Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula). We’ll start small. The attendant was super helpful and sent me out with a care sheet for my starter collection, that even told me that our East Bay water should be pure enough for the bogging (otherwise distilled water is recommended). I can’t wait to create our little bog! It will surely enhance our French Quarter inspired brick patio.

Hydrangeas in full bloom

Inspired by Anika’s beautiful garden posts… I braved the sun to snap a few shots of the hydrangeas.

Our house came with a huge hedge of white hydrangea up against the house.  They’re in full bloom now, but three days of 90+ degree heat has singed them a bit.  I brought two pots of hydrangea with me, blue and pink. They are doing spectacular hiding out in the shade of the Monkey Ball (Liquidamber) Tree.

Now I just need to learn the varieties, and educate myself.

French Prints: Fashion Plates & Louis-Leopold Boilly & Little Napoleon

I’ve been collecting these french prints for a few years now, this is the first time any of them has made it up on the wall!  We’ve grouped them together above a crazy art deco cabinet we got to house all the depression glass and absinthe collectibles.

The piece de resistance, a pair of large framed prints, were recently acquired at the Alameda Antiques Faire, I nearly fell over myself to get these, and the price was amazing. Shall I tell you? $75 for the pair.  The artist, Louis-Leopold Boilly, is an obsession of mine, seeing as his career straddled the Ancien Régime all the way through the Post-Napoleonic period. This pair of prints Defends Moi & La Lecon D’union Conjugal also reference the famous Before & After by Hogarth: depicting the struggle of seduction, and the exhaustion of surrender.  These are from the Directoire Period, circa 1797!

Thanks to Google Books for this quote:

“During the Directoire, Boilly produced a number of compositions, of which a good many were executed by an engraver of no very great talent, named Petit. Prints such as ” Defends-moi,” ” Tu saurais ma pensee,” ” Ah ! qu’il est sot ! ” and others in the same style are fairly common, and not particularly worthy of attention. On the other hand, certain coloured and uncoloured prints after Boilly have within recent years attained a considerable rise in value. ” — French Prints of the 18th Century

The rest are Directoire Period Fashion Plates & Kissing Games, Famous and Infamous Madames du Lettres: Mme de Staël, Mme Roland & Mlle Lemornand, a tiny print of the Palais du Justice & Conciergerie (last holding place of Marie Antoinette and so many others who went to the guillotine), and a tiny victorian miniature of Little Napoleon himself. Oh, and don’t forget the tiny dime store vase featuring Madame Recamier, the famous beauty of the Directoire and Empire!

On Collecting: I’m fascinated by Georgian & Victorian collectors, my stepmom just sent me this Guardian UK article (by AS Byatt no less) to a new book out on the subject: Magpies, Squirrels and Thieves

The season for antiquing & thrifting is upon us!

Or it is for me apparently! Some treasures trickled in via eBay (Marwal busts & the Nishi Snow Woman doll), some we drove 120 mile round trip TWICE to pick up (the two china cabinets), but mostly we bummed about the Alameda Point Antiques Faire, the Crockett City Wide Garage Sale, downtown Vallejo & Martinez Peddler’s Faire.

One of the greatest things about buying a house, you get to furnish it! We’ve bought some new furniture, all carefully thrifted via Craigslist and local shops. I’m a super cheapskate, which makes it challenging, but SO satisfying when I find the perfect piece. We’re almost done though. Anything else (aside from a sofa) that comes into the house, something else has to go.

The tchotchkes though, they keep coming! We’ll definitely have to have a garage sale soon. Or a virtual one. Most recent fascination: vintage “made in japan” china & decor & toys.

In any case, welcome to the new WordPress blog! I’m unpacking and decorating the Doll Nursery (see china cabinets below), and we’re still decorating and renovating the Sugar Shack in Crockett!