The Perfect Kisara

Is here! And the new Takara Lolita outfit came the day before from Rudi. I guess she has the Jenny 18 body? She’s about 1/2 inch taller than my Aya.

I don’t have a SAJ body, so this is the nicest quality Jenny body I’ve seen, though I haven’t undressed my special Jenny Shop 18. I was going give her a busty obitsu body, as I think it would make her look sassy, but I might leave it now. Oh, and when I tried pulling the other head off my obitsu the neck nob snapped off into the head. Sigh.

Who doesn’t love a nun?

Oh GARSH. Talk about switching gears. A non Japanese doll, non-hentai… I have lots of other stuff in my house, here’s one of my favorites.

A 1940’s Composition Nun Doll we picked up in Reno earlier this year. I paid a little too much for her, but she was in such excellent condition, aside from a little crazing. Her collar and wimple are painted leather, her dress and bloomers are entirely of black taffeta, her hands and face are painted compostion with a wooden body.
I would like a whole room full of nun dolls.

Beauty B

Something else I haven’t made her own page for… The Volks Beauty B body with #2 style Dollfie Plus head.

Er, she doesn’t have a name yet either! For some reason I’m not in love with her. Fiddlesticks. I love Visine, but not enamored of the dollfie plus’ I guess.
In any case, she’s still cute in the Azone Chocolate Cushion Valentine outfit (white) and the red velvet Fairies O’ Darkness. The boots are also spectacular. The problem is I’d rather see all these on another doll. Sigh.