Bastille Day 2006!

Yesterday we celebrated July 14th with Ze “Bal de la Victime” Bastille Day Dolly Picnic! ‘Twas awesome. Myself, Mr. Kallisti and Butter, picked up The Robots (Nadja & Will) and met up with St. James, Idrisfynn & JennyNemesi near Pioneer Meadow in GG Park. Unbenownst to us the meadow had been taken over by large tents and giant african foam heads o_o. So once KellyHime and Mr. KellyHime showed up on their vespa, we nipped around the bend to the Rose Garden (two rose garden dolly picnics this summer!) and claimed the least swampy bit of rising ground. Maggie joined us shortly, I’m glad she got the communique that the little group had moved!

(Ondine as the costumer who forgot her contacts :p)
The weather was wacky, alternately sunny and bright then cold, blustery with billowing fog. You’ll notice in the pictures how they suddenly turn leaden grey or are over exposed. Ugh! Still, we had parasols, lots of parasols. Cake and booze unburdens the soul. Olives and brie feed the mind. And my new favorite cocktail: Trader Joe’s Blueberry Soda with B & B (cognac & benedictine)… YUM!
I’ve been sewing for two weeks preparing two outfits. The empire Merveilleuse dress Aurelie is wearing and the split bodice Patriot dress for Hermione. I think pattern making has finally clicked, I drafted two dresses and a corset in the past two weeks. Wooo! You can see inspiration from my collection of images of costuming circa the French Revolution.

(the custom cake from The Cake Gallery. reeeeeeeeeeally goooooooood! btw, re: marie antoinette… she never said that.)
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Apparently last month was Waugh Month in the UK, and I’m missing it! *cry!*
I’ll be stalking the following programs, that’s for sure. Mr. Loveday’s Little Outing. Meh. Please note the delicious David Warner. Is there a fan club? He vies for my heart with the likes of Oliver Reed.
Dude, wtf, they redid the Quatermass series??? My inner Hammer Whore might just have to order that. I’ve been watching Viva Blackpool. Not sure if I’ve warmed up to the karaoke numbers yet. But it is otherwise fun/creepy mystery drama.
We also have upcoming BBC drama Beau Brummel, let’s see if James Purefoy can out beau 1954’s Stewart Granger. Mwowr.
For the Victorian how-to enthusiast we have The Life of Mrs. Beeton.
And holy cow! Another Jane Eyre! Whodda thunk it. This feisty young Victorian heroine looks fun too.
Aw, and just when you thought they’d do Mansfield Park or Northanger Abbey we get another Sense & Sensibility instead. Not that I mind, mind you. Just thought there was territory less explored.

O, Bess!

I’ve been sitting on this one for a couple weeks (shut up!). I can barely take it any longer. I keep seeing the HBO teasers and am tickled to pieces this is coming to the U.S!
Elizabeth I
Starring Helen Mirren & Jeremy Irons.
That is all. I die.

This had garnered some awardage last year in the U.K. I’m impressed that HBO jumped on it. And it looks to be an improvement on “The Virgin Queen” (blech! though duff is super cute in the virgin role) that aired earlier on Masterpiece Theater.

Influences & Inspiration

Thank so much to everyone and your lovely comments on my naughty etchings. That was the best feedback ever. The shoot has been months and months in planning, and there are still things that I would have done differently (those damn Louis XIV heels!), but I was so tired of putting it off.
And the girls were antsy ^_^
In any case, I wanted to share a bit of my inspiration and resources. I’ve been fascinated with vintage erotica for years. And not just old cheesecake. It was Aretino’s etchings and Rochester’s poetry that sent me off on this quest, nigh on 15 years ago. And I’ve since amassed a sizable library of erotica, from rather ancient times to 1950’s burlesque.
One of the things that tickled me the most really, was how much of the things we do, modern egoists that we are, they’ve been doing for millenia. Nether region depilitation? Done. Bondage? Done. Crossdressing? Done. Sadism? Done (and long before deSade!). Frigging with inanimate objects? Done, done and done. Dildos and suchlike have been popular for centuries. I wish someone would pen a history of the dildo. The stuff online is very scanty and some of it woefully innacurate.
They were made out of wood, ivory, leather and similar materials. Used independantly or with harnesses. DeSade had his wife smuggle them in varying sizes, shapes and materials into prison for him.
In any case, I ain’t makin’ this up. Images below are, of course, not work safe.

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One reason not to loathe Berkeley

The bookstores!
I don’t loathe Berkeley… but one always has a love/hate relationship with one’s hometown.
We went bookstore trawling last Saturday. Not only did I pick up an ARMLOAD of cool dolly clothing/pattern/costume books (mostly on antique dolls) at Half Price Books, but found these two gems at Black Oak.

Lewd & Notorious: Female Transgression in the 18th Century Edited by Katherine Kittredge
Breaking The Codes: Female Criminality in Fin-de-Siècle Paris by Ann-Louise Shapiro (with some amazing prints)

So yeah, I spent my haircut money on books. YAY!

Grrr! Give me my BODICE RIPPERS!!!

Fucking fuck. Libertine and now Tristram Shandy are still in limited release for January 27th. Libertine keeps getting pushed back. Which makes me worry about Tristram Shandy playing here. WTF, I’m not in the frickin’ wilderness, for criminy.
I really want to see Tristram… they keep touting it as a book no one has ever read, but I’ve read it! I had a mad, mad summer 6 or 7 years ago where I read a bunch of Henry Fielding along with Smollet, Burney, Aphra Behn (ok, she’s 17th cent. whatever), Defoe and some other random stuffs. Tristram Shandy among them. Gilly is in it. I die.
Me loves some 18th-goddamn-century Literature! Rawr.

Speaking of Gilly… have we all been good li’l muffins watching Bleak House on PBS? Now THAT was a surprise! It wasn’t on the ’06 calendar! It just showed up on my TiVo box. Whoopeeee!

Kallisti at the Moobies

I must make a confession. I forgot to tell you something…

The new Miss Marple series on PBS’ Mystery is fantastic! 3.5 episodes in and I’m just now getting around to telling you. So sorry. But I found myself last night jumping up and down on the couch squealing “Miss Marple! Miss Marple!” As I waited for the little TiVo red light to come on. S’lovely. And all our favorite people are in it. For instance just last night! Joanna Lumley! And then, the first episode had Derek Jacobi. Not to mention the effervescent Geraldine McEwan as the wee dame herself. She’s scintillating!
Do forgive me and try to catch it in re-runs.
Also, finally received Casanova from It was scrummy! Very modern, liberties taken, and rather fast paced but it was all of a purpose and worked beautifully. Very witty and dynamic. Even the Mr. Kallisti made a point of sitting down and watching disc two with me. I was so delighted with the costumes that I made one in honor for my dolls. Very fanciful, reminded me a great deal of “Desperate Remedies.” But the dress isn’t done yet :p finishing touches is all and then you shall see.
So get yourself a region free player, or wait til Masterpiece Theater picks this up in two or three years.

In the mean time, here’s an updated list of Films For Which I Await [FFWIA]!
July 15

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
There are so many reservations one could have with a remake of a flawless original. But you know what? It is Tim Burton. And sometimes one just has to learn to let go. To trust. To forget the original and enjoy a fresh new interpretation.
I could do without Veruka’s track suit, however. And that is all I’m saying.

July 29

The Brothers Grimm
Grimm + Gilliam = Joy
+ Matt Damon + Heath Ledger = Huh?
Ok, ok. We’ll give it the benefit. BUT IT BETTER BE GOOD! That is all.

September 16: Finally! But limited release

Was released at the Toronto Film Fest LAST YEAR. Where is meh honeh!
The ultimate Bodice Ripper, a bio pic on John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester. Naughtiest poet to have ever lived and one of my absolute favorite historical characters. He epitomizes the term “rake.” Johnny Depp as Rochester, and Shane McGowan makes an appearance as a “bard.” No official site or information really. I am anxious. Depp site w/ lots o’ pix.

September 23

The Corpse Bride
What is there not to love? Or have wiggle-pants for? AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

December 9

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
While waiting for Episode III to start, Beth and I were both struck absolutely giddy by the preview for the first of the Narnia pictures. It looks fantastic! Really, really fantastic! Go. Watch the trailer now.
And marvel. Tilda Swinton. My not so secret long time girl crush. I die!

Movie To Do List

Bright Young Things:
Stephen Fry’s adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s “Vile Bodies.” Wooo! One splendid book!
Released August 20th (but not in Bay Area yet, grrr)

Hong Kong blockbuster finally makes out of the Miramax gates. Looks lush.
Release August 27th

End of the Century:
Gritty documentary on the Ramones. Another review. The Ramones were my first show. I was 14. I’ve seen them live more than any other band.
Release August 27th

Vanity Fair:
Adaptation by Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park) of Thackeray’s famous novel without a hero. Also the basis for Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind.” Also, my favorite Victorian novel. Mmmmm. Jonathon Rhys Meyers makes an appearance. It is about time! Yummy.
Release September 1st

The ultimate Bodice Ripper, a bio pic on John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester. Naughtiest poet to have ever lived and one of my absolute favorite historical characters. He epitomizes the term “rake.” Johnny Depp as Rochester, and Shane McGowan makes an appearance as a “bard.” No official site or information really. I am anxious. Depp site w/ lots o’ pix.
Release October 2004 in the UK

The Corpse Bride:
Tim Burton animation! Voices of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter! Creepy! Can’t wait. “Set in 19th-century European village, Victor (Depp), is lured into the underworld by a mysterious figure (Bonham Carter), while his corporeal wife (Watson) awaits his return.” Also, voices of Richard E. Grant! Joanna Lumley! Christopher Lee! Albert Finney! I die!
Release October 2005

Rumour: Marie Antoinette
Directed by Sophia Coppola. Mmmmm.
Am I missing anything?