Apparently last month was Waugh Month in the UK, and I’m missing it! *cry!*
I’ll be stalking the following programs, that’s for sure. Mr. Loveday’s Little Outing. Meh. Please note the delicious David Warner. Is there a fan club? He vies for my heart with the likes of Oliver Reed.
Dude, wtf, they redid the Quatermass series??? My inner Hammer Whore might just have to order that. I’ve been watching Viva Blackpool. Not sure if I’ve warmed up to the karaoke numbers yet. But it is otherwise fun/creepy mystery drama.
We also have upcoming BBC drama Beau Brummel, let’s see if James Purefoy can out beau 1954’s Stewart Granger. Mwowr.
For the Victorian how-to enthusiast we have The Life of Mrs. Beeton.
And holy cow! Another Jane Eyre! Whodda thunk it. This feisty young Victorian heroine looks fun too.
Aw, and just when you thought they’d do Mansfield Park or Northanger Abbey we get another Sense & Sensibility instead. Not that I mind, mind you. Just thought there was territory less explored.