Grrr! Give me my BODICE RIPPERS!!!

Fucking fuck. Libertine and now Tristram Shandy are still in limited release for January 27th. Libertine keeps getting pushed back. Which makes me worry about Tristram Shandy playing here. WTF, I’m not in the frickin’ wilderness, for criminy.
I really want to see Tristram… they keep touting it as a book no one has ever read, but I’ve read it! I had a mad, mad summer 6 or 7 years ago where I read a bunch of Henry Fielding along with Smollet, Burney, Aphra Behn (ok, she’s 17th cent. whatever), Defoe and some other random stuffs. Tristram Shandy among them. Gilly is in it. I die.
Me loves some 18th-goddamn-century Literature! Rawr.

Speaking of Gilly… have we all been good li’l muffins watching Bleak House on PBS? Now THAT was a surprise! It wasn’t on the ’06 calendar! It just showed up on my TiVo box. Whoopeeee!

One thought on “Grrr! Give me my BODICE RIPPERS!!!”

  1. Thank ye gods for small favors! Yipee! It will be released here (Canada) on Feb 17 and it looks like it will be playing at one of our local artsy fartsy theatres!
    I hope you get to see it.

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