Fashion a History from the 18th to 20th Century

Fashion a History from the 18th to 20th Century: The Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute (Taschen 25th Anniversary Editions)
by Akiko Fukai, Tamami Suoh, Miki Iwagami, Reiko Koga, Rei Nii

Run, don’t walk. I’ve been trying to order this book for a year! I guess Amazon had several listings, I finally ran across this one that had no thumbnail yet said it was in stock.
It arrived today. Zoink! I had no idea! By the price ($32 discounted) I figured it was typical small format Taschen, but when it arrived Mr. Kallisti thought I had spent a fortune. 24358745 pound box. Double format, hard cover in slip case, huge. And omg, the photographs! First volume 18th-19th century, second is 20th. I’m just sayin’.
Only 4 left as of this morning.

3 thoughts on “Fashion a History from the 18th to 20th Century”

  1. My birthday is the 25th (thank you!) so I had to make a wish list and this book was on it of course. But now you’ve made me nervous – what if they don’t buy it in time? Aaaaiiieee! Of course I’ve got Marie Antoinette on my list of birthday activities, though I’ll probably have to see it often. Once for the story, and another viewing for the DRESSES.
    Anyway, plz TONE DOWN on mutual interests. You are freaking me out. Teehee no, not really.

  2. Hi! I also have that book, i just wanted to agree that it’s great. For a long time (perhaps still) the Chicago Institute of Art had paperback copies that were just one very large paperback instead of two hardcover volumes, in their gift store, and it was one of the best books i’ve ever bought.

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