2007 Bodice Rippers Already!

Because the new year is all about making lists!
Now Playing:
Pan’s Labyrinth: Almost went to see it NYE. But smacked self in head thankfully before driving into the City (it ain’t playin’ in the Boonies of Berkeley yet).

Coming Soon:
Perfume: Opens January 5th. Salon.com review.
Miss Potter: Opens January 12th. Salon.com review. And, omg, I can’t believe I just packed away a report I did in grammar school on Beatrix Potter! I should have scanned it for ya’ll first. Heh.
The Other Boleyn Girl: Despite the juicy subject matter, I’m having a hard time getting enthused about this one. I read, or attempted to read, one of Ms. Gregory’s other novels (Wideacre) and it was so unbelievably bad I actually threw the book away. In the trash. I get nothing but angry hives just thinking about what she’d do to a subject I actually cared about. Besides, BBC did this two years ago, I’m sure it will hold up better.
Tudor drama, wherefore art thou, dammint!?!?!
A bit more than rumour:
Sweeney Todd: Tim Burton and the Gang! Two fists in the air!
And I have to say, I’m kinda giddy about C. Nolan doing Dark Knight w/ Christian Bale. Teehee!
If Maggie Smith is in it, does that mean it won’t make me want to claw my eyes out with dirty fish hooks??? See: Becoming Jane.
On The Telly (Via BBC America & Masterpiece Theater):
Old Favorite: Cold Comfort Farm
Thursday, Jan. 4th at 7 pm et/4 pm pt
Masterpiece Theater: Jane Eyre
Sundays, January 21 and 28, 2007
Masterpiece Theater: The Sally Lockhart Mysteries: The Ruby in the Smoke
Sunday, February 4, 2007
Masterpiece Theater: Dracula
Sunday, February 11, 2007
Masterpiece Theater: The Wind in the Willows
Sunday, April 8, 2007
BBC America: Robin Hood
On BBC America some time soon ^_^

3 thoughts on “2007 Bodice Rippers Already!”

  1. Oh my! They made a Tv special of Ruby in the Smoke? I must see this!
    If only I didn’t live in australia, where decent shows appear 2-3 years later than other civilised nations.

  2. actually, i did the exact same thing as you with wideacre. i was so disgusted i threw it across a room. and not very far into it, either. but i gave the other boleyn girl a shot, and it was great. i know, weird, right? but i’d recommend trying it out (if you hate it too, pls don’t blame me!)

  3. If you REALLY want to laugh/puke check out this revisionist bio of Anne Boleyn which purports to tell “the truth” at last. OY!! Unbelievably shoddy scholarship, and so one sided It Is To Gawp.

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