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Kallisti is a sunflower, not a wallflower

Blastmilk.com is the current incarnation (and work in progress) of many years worth of web noodlings by Kallisti, who is me. The original Chapel Perilous went online in the winter of 1995. Later came Pornokrates, la Fée Verte Absinthe House, Book Whores and Blastmilk, not to mention several random directories. The various sites showcased quirky and sundry interests having to do with Art, and History, and Art History, mainly because the pictures were pretty. Once widely disparate, encompassing numerous sites and domains, Blastmilk Redux is an effort to kiss good-bye to the wildly disjointed multi-domain empire, and to reflect more intimately upon the creepy and diverse interests of its creator. Yep.

There are yet some pieces of the empire that were not suitable for the roll-up. I also maintain the Sepulchritude.com, a collective of four dearest friends (you can read its history here) and the e-zine Suffering is Hip, once a hotbed of narcissism and wit, now in its dotage, still capable of perking up a bit when we remember to give the ol’ granny a poke.

FeeVerte.net, started in 1997 during a period of underemployment while I was living in New Orleans, afforded me many years of fun and excitement. I ran the site until January, 2005 when I sold it and its environs to my good friend at Oxygenee.com. Early on the site gained the reputation for being a bastion of reason and information in a sea of misinformation and myths on the banned liquor. Both myself and the site has been referenced in articles and books in several languages on the subject. I have made friends the world over. Folks who met on The Absinthe Forum message boards formed partnerships, and are now some of the top quality absinthe producers in the world. And, most extraordinary of all, I met my husband there. We wish Oxy and all his future endeavors well, the site couldn’t be in better hands! Swak!

Born and raised in and around Berkeley, California (ok, I was born in Oakland Kaiser Hospital near Lake Merritt) in, um… 1968. So that makes me very old. The summer of 2003 I married a cornfed redheaded midwestern boy in a limo in Las Vegas. He’s the best thing on the planet.

I spent most of my adult life living in San Francisco, with a brief above-mentioned sojourn in New Orleans in the mid-nineties. I returned in 1998 to get a decent job in the burgeoning tech industry. In which I still work, lucky me. The then blossoming economy sent me fleeing for cheaper rents in the ‘burbs of the East Bay. I’m currently living about two miles from the house I grew up in. I occasionally spot and hide from people I went to junior high with. Amen.

Oh also. I like to read. I like to collect things. Apothecary Jars and Carnival Dolls. Old Kitchen Items in Red & Green, BBQ Implements and Old Cookboooks. Victorian Mourning Hair Jewelry and Absinthe Spoons. Books. Anything creepy? Yes. Lucky for me Mr. Kallisti is of the same mind. Our cooking implements co-mingle in conjugal bliss, while my Boudoir Dolls glare suspicously at his shelf of Girly Collectibles.

But it is very much thanks to Japanese toys and dolls that I have been re-ignited with the flame of… something or other. Super Dollfie and other Ball Joint Dolls, Jenny and Blythe, are the sugar on my donut, the cream in my coffee. Their versatility and exquisite sculpts, personality and attention to detail leave me in awe. The dolls call out for customization and creativity. They are a challenge. They demand much of us.

I must obey.

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